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[9 Feb 2015 | No Comment | ]
KASNEB December 2014 Exam Results online and via SMS; CPA, CPS examination results online

A.   SMS (for Safaricom subscribers only).
Candidates should send an SMS to 20558 using the following format to access their examination results:
Kasneb/registration number
Example, ATC/87061 where ATC/87061 is the registration number of the candidate.
The SMS service is at a premium rate of Sh. 10 per sms
B.   KASNEB Website. (click on student login) or (direct link to student portal http://online.kasneb.or.ke )
Candidates who had not created an account on the student portal are required to do so in order to access examination result as follows:
1. On the website click on the student login link then choose the student icon or proceed to click the …


[6 Feb 2014 | 24 Comments | ]
KASNEB to Change Syllabus; May/June 2015

KASNEB intends to revise the syllabus for  their professional and technical papers below:
(a)    Professional Examinations
(i)    Certified Public Accountants (CPA)
(ii)    Certified Public Secretaries (CPS)
(iii)    Certified Information Communication Technologists (CICT)
(iv)    Certified Securities and Investment Analysts (CSIA)
(v)    Certified Credit Professionals (CCP)
(b)    Technician Examinations
(i)    Accounting Technicians Certificate (ATC)
(ii)    Information Communication Technology Technicians (ICTT)
(iii)    Investment and Securities Technicians (IST)
(iv)    Credit Management Technicians (CMT)
This major review of syllabuses has been necessitated by the following factors, among others: 
(a)    Global trends in education and training in the areas of finance, accountancy, governance and management, information technology and related …


[8 Jan 2014 | 9 Comments | ]
KASNEB May 2014 Examination dates Registration dates: CPA, ATC, CISA, CPS

Students of KASNEB, parents, sponsors, guardians, training institutions and other stakeholders
are hereby notified of the following important dates and information.
1. Examination dates for May 2014 examinations are as follows:
(a) ATC, ICTT, IST and CMT Levels I and II
Tuesday, 20 May 2014, Wednesday, 21 May 2014 and Thursday, 22 May 2014
(b) CPA, CPS, CSIA, and CCP Part I
Friday, 23 May 2014, Monday, 26 May 2014 and Tuesday, 27 May 2014
(c) CPA, CPS, CSIA and CCP Parts II and III
Wednesday, 28 May 2014, Thursday, 29 May 2014 and Friday, 30 May 2014
(d) …


[26 Nov 2013 | No Comment | ]
KASNEB November/December 2013 Examination timetables online; How to access your timetable Online; CPA, CPS, CICT

The timetables for KASNEB examinations for November/December 2013 sitting are now available online.
Please log in to your student account (if you do not have one, please read how to create one here: http://www.thetimpata.com/2013/02/09/kasneb-website-how-to-create-a-student-account-online-on-the-kasneb-website-step-by-step-guide-for-new-and-existing-kasneb-students/)
Once logged in see the menu on the left side of your page, under “EXAMINATION” select “EXAMINATION TIMETABLE”. You then have the option of ” print” or “Send to Email”
To access your student account please click on the link: http://online.kasneb.or.ke/
You may read how to create a student account on The Timpata here: http://www.thetimpata.com/2013/02/09/kasneb-website-how-to-create-a-student-account-online-on-the-kasneb-website-step-by-step-guide-for-new-and-existing-kasneb-students/


[16 Jul 2013 | No Comment | ]

You can now request KASNEB to remark your paper after the results have been released.  You will need the appeals form.
This form should be completed by students who wish to appeal for remarking of their examination paper(s). Below are  the conditions to lodge the appeal successfully:
1. The form should be received by KASNEB within fourteen (14) days after the date of release of the examination results. This date is indicated in the examination result notification.
2. Your name should NOT appear anywhere on this form. 
3. The form should be delivered …

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[17 May 2013 | 2 Comments | ]
KASNEB May/June 2013 Examination timetables online; How to access your timetable Online; CPA, CPS, CICT

The timetables for KASNEB examinations for May/June 2013 sitting are now available online. Please log in to your student account and then
1. Access the “Course choice” tab.
2. Select the examination from the dropdown box and provide the registration number without the prefix (e.g. if your registration number is NAC/123456, provide 123456 as the registration number).
3.   Select the examination timetable tab.
4.   Click on “print” to print the pdf version or “Send to email” to send to your registered account email address.
The authority letter must be presented to the invigilators at each …


[25 Apr 2013 | 11 Comments | ]
KASNEB May/June 2013 Examination Timetables ATC,ICTT,IST,CMT,CPA,CPS,CICT,CSIA & CCP

The KASNEB timetables for the May/June ATC Examinations are finally out.   
The exams kick off on May,28th 2013. We TheTimpata team wish you all the best.
To view the detailed Exams Timetable click here. 


[9 Feb 2013 | 97 Comments | ]
KASNEB; November – December 2012 CPA Exminations Results Online; CPA, CPS, CICT, CSIA; How to get your results online and by SMS

We shall update this post as soon as the results are released for the November – December 2012 sitting for Professional examinations. Please see updates below:
<<Update 1:  8th Feb 2013: 23:37>> Please note that you shall be required to open a student in the KASNEB website, from which you shall be able to access your results online as soon as they are released. As a the time of this update, the results have not been released.
Please read on The Timpata how to create an online account both for existing and …


[9 Feb 2013 | 53 Comments | ]
KASNEB website; How to create a student account online on the KASNEB website; step by step guide for new and existing KASNEB students

If you are a new or existing student with KASNEB, here is how to create an online account with KASNEB using KASNEB’s web application (software).
New Student Registration:

Click on the link to the KASNEB app here.
Click the link “Create Account”  See Image below

 You will be asked to select whether or not they have a KASNEB registration number
 Because you are a new student to KASNEB and have not been issued with a Student Registration number, Select the option “NO”. Otherwise if you are already registered as a student with KASNEB, you shall …


[15 Nov 2012 | 39 Comments | ]
KASNEB, December 2012 exams timetable and your Exam Centre: ATC, ICTT, IST, CMT, CPA, CPS, CICT, CSIA, CCP

You can now check your December 2012 KASNEB exam centre online here: http://www.kasneb.or.ke/bboard.htm . The December 2012 KASNEB exams timetables for each paper are as follows:
The Timpata wishes all candidates the best of luck!