KASNEB; November – December 2012 CPA Exminations Results Online; CPA, CPS, CICT, CSIA; How to get your results online and by SMS

9 February 2013 95 Comments
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We shall update this post as soon as the results are released for the November – December 2012 sitting for Professional examinations. Please see updates below:

<<Update 1:  8th Feb 2013: 23:37>> Please note that you shall be required to open a student in the KASNEB website, from which you shall be able to access your results online as soon as they are released. As a the time of this update, the results have not been released.

Please read on The Timpata how to create an online account both for existing and new students of KASNEB here


<<Update2: 9th Feb 2013: 11:13>> The exam results have been released and some students have reported being able to see their results online.


<<Update3: 9th Feb  2013 11:42>> Please log in to your KASNEB account to check your results for professional examinations ( December 2012 sitting). If you do not have an account find on The Timpata how to create an online account both for existing and new students of KASNEB here

<<Update4: 9th feb 2013 15:11>> There has been several reported cases of some students unable to access their results online. It appears that if you created your account today, you are not able to view your results. We suspect that this is because the new accounts have to be verified by KASNEB before you can access any of the features. For students who had created their accounts about a week or two ago, they are able to view their results by simply logging in to their accounts. We hope that all accounts created over the weekend shall be verified by Monday 11th Feb 2013 and the users able to view their results.
As The Timpata, we appreciate the bold ICT move by KASNEB, however, we believe KASNEB should have done much better by providing students with adequate information on the system.

We shall keep you informed.


<<Update 5: 9th Feb 2013 19:17>> The Timpata can now confidently confirm that we found out a way  to get your results online. Please note that the system is running on java and may take time to move from one step to another without showing you whether it is active or not. It does not show the common rotating status icon


  • After creating your online account, log in to your account.
  • Click on “Registration Details”
  • Select the second tab (Course Choices)
  • Enter your Exam
  • Select May/June 2013
  • Check YES to confirm that you have a registration number
  • Enter your registration number
  • Click on save.
  • Now from the main menu on your left, select “Examination results”
  • You should now be able to view your examination results

 <<Update 6:  10th Feb 2013 09:26>> 

If you still wish that the admin checks the results for you, he will do so but will have to charge a small fee (Ksh. 50 payable by M-PESA) for his internet connection. We will only receive your payment if and after we are able to get your results.

Here is how we suggest to work it out.

1. Send us your : Full Names, NAC Number, ID Number, Email address, your mobile number & Certifications e,g CPA, CPS e.t.c and Your Mobile number via email admin@thetimpata.com

2. We shall get your results from KASNEB’s website, 

3. We shall notify you know that we have your results via your email (Only email messages from admin@thetimpata.com are  genuine) and let you know what number to pay to.

4. On receipt of your cash, we shall send you the results immediately via email and SMS. We shall also send you a screen shot of the results as they appear on the website via your email address.

Please note that following the process we gave under Update 5, you can get the results yourself for free from KASNEB. However, if you still need Admins help, we shall offer it at the fee above to cover our internet costs.

 NOTE: This service by the Admin is only available today, 10th Feb 2013 till 17:00 today. 

 <<Update 7: 10th Feb 2013 14:24>> As at the time of this update, we have received the requests that we can be able to successfully process by today. Kindly do not send any further requests after the time of this update since we shall not be able to process it.

<<UPDATE 8: 13th Feb 2013 07:00 >> KASNEB has as at the time of this update disabled the portal through which students were checking their results. However some students have reported being able to get their results via SMS by sending an SMS in the format KASNEB/NAC/Reg. No. to 2225.  However, there are complaints of delays with this SMS system.

<<UPDATE 9: 14th Feb 2013 19:23 >>> The KASNEB website is up again. Please refer to update 5 and 6 for guidance.

As usual, we shall update this post on any new information we get. Thank you for your patience.


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    my results for cpa part I section 2 no.NAC/214662

    • Admin

      @Ziro Lewa, please see update 4 above.

  • you meow

    You do not have examination results. is this an error

  • mike

    your headlines also says via sms. how do we get results via sms. and kasneb have really really wasted us

    • Admin

      @Mike as soon as we get the SMS short code is activated, we shall let you know. As at now it is inactive.

  • http://Kasnebresults Kirui mwolomet

    I need to know my results for part two ,section 3 /4 november /december 2012

  • http://www.kasneb.or.ke ANTHONY CHEGE MATHE

    CPA 2012 RESULTS

  • mutisya jacob

    hey kasneb.you have delayed alot in releasing dec 2012 results.why?.we need to know them.

  • joshua

    It is serious you kasneb has become this beucratic yet we believed in it?,result are on the net yet we cant access them? i still worry that they didnt give us timely notice.

  • Odero Naor ISP 2641

    Pls I’m not able to view my results for CSIA section I. Pls kindly advice.

  • Ogembo

    my account is just blank and I created it in Janaury when the Technicians results were out.
    What could be the problem?

    • thetimpata

      Dear Ogembo, please try update 5 above.

  • Shem

    Shall we wait up to monday 2 get rsults yet released on sato

  • http://masagafred masaga

    i like kasneb

  • Johnte

    Pathetic u r just stupid kasneb u think our result ni madizi mueke ziive nkt

  • jael

    what is you do not have your examination results mean? must i wait for my account to be confirmed? now that i have just created it now

    • Admin

      @Jael, Please read update 5 above.

  • anthony

    kasneb kasneb kasneb. what was the use of releasing the results if we cant access it???

    • Admin

      @Anthony, Please read update 5, you should be able to access your results.

  • Lilian mutie

    For how long do we wait inorder to get results via sms??

    • Admin

      @Lillian Mutie, We are not able to tell whether the SMS service will be there at all. That is a decision to be taken by KASNEB.

  • makori charles michira

    Please inform me how to access the Dec.2012 Cpa results

    • Admin

      @Makori Charles Michira: Please follow the steps and create your account online and then please read update 5 above and try to access your results.

  • joyce

    kasneb poor service please .i think u should gazzete results if net service is hard for you

  • Osur Ochieng

    Thankyou loads timpata very early when net was not congested I have been able to see my sec1&2 results for nov/dec CPA results.guys please use update 5after which your results should be displayed underneath everything on your kasneb profile page.all the best!

    • thetimpata

      That is great!

  • vane

    have opened an account with 10 character password. now its not opening. what shall i do?

  • brian

    update 5 not working, kasneb have fuckd us big time

  • shiko

    i have tried to get my results butt i cant am disappointed cpa dec 2012

  • patrick

    admin the sms no. is not working n have not gotten my sec 1 results any help?

  • adelaide

    why do you tell me that there seem to be another student with similar email address and yet is my valid one…..what can i do then

  • purity

    whats wrong with this thing,cant access ma result,via, mobile sms,nor Internet,how r pple accessing their result

    • thetimpata

      Try update 8.

  • mercy

    av been trying to follow the link but am told there is another student with a similar email address for all my three accounts so kindly direct me what i should do.thank you

  • kevin

    see 2012 december results

  • wanjugu

    wil u extend th deadline 4 payin the exams cz until nw i have nt been able 2 view ma results

  • Roseline

    KASNEB Please help us access our results,We are desperate to know!

  • Jopsephat

    Surely its wrong for us to wait tireless for two weeks without any update from KASNEB. I tried to creat an online account which is now not logging in. What is up? At the same time we don’t know whether the results were released or not! This is wrong. Can someone tell us what is happening please

  • http://Mutaigodwin@yahoo.com Chepkemoi beatrice

    My name is chepkemoi beatrice and i would like to know my results for cpa part one section two my registration number is kasneb/nac/214784

  • kirongoyhi

    mna ufala sana kama u dnt knw how to post our results online go back to ur traditional sms ama tutahama and timpata y shud we send you 50 bob


    this link is just too slow to wait!Please do something.

  • Monics

    i have tried to create the account its showing socket error used alot in sending sms no response what else can i do and the deadline for may/june exam payment is on 15th?????????

  • Eva

    Hey guys plz delete my comment above as osur ochieng as ive realised its a direct link to my fcbk page.kindly delete this one too.

    • Admin

      @Eva, we have modified your comment to remove the link to your FB page.

  • lucie

    i nd to knw ma sec 5 results, that process of creating a account is not working for most of us, plz kasneb do something,

  • lucie

    n by the wy i hear the deadline for paying the dec exams is 15th of this month which i suppose if friday of this week,is this true?if it is, kasneb, seriously how am i supposed to pay for the next exam if upto now avent got ma results, which exam am i suppose to pay? do something guyz we dont dsav this waiting

    • Maureen

      Its true..

  • ithiru maina

    kasneb i’ve wasted a lot of money and time browsing in ur unavailable web am now beggining 2 fell shy 2 b associated with u

  • damian mokoro

    cpa resuits

  • http://yahoo.gmail kipkemoi

    imagin i havnt receive my results 2 date

  • carol

    waste of my time…kama ni sms,tungekuwa sorted!!!just activate the smsing way of checking results

  • lucie

    finally sms is working, i got ma results

  • DAVE

    How do you check results via sms

  • Zipporah kitetu

    i send an sms this morning at 6 am. and upto now you have not responded. why?

  • Fred Owiyo

    I have tried to access my section results to no avail,this method of creating an account is not working..Please do something.

  • Fred Owiyo

    @lucie,are you serious with what you are saying?

  • miriam

    please tell us what’s happening coz by now sijapata my results even i dont know the deadline of paying the next exams ama u will pay for us?



  • evans okoth

    we used to pay only 10 kshs to get our results now its 50shs and through mpesa, whats going on please?!! we want the results please!!

  • lucie

    guyz send ur no to 2225 in the following format……..KASNEB NAC/11111…………….ur no. i.e

  • moses njagi njeru


  • sangwera vincent

    online result checking is not effective enhance other means

  • nyakundi

    this is just a dissapointment. i have tried to check my results in vain. i dont know what exactly KASNEB meant by introducing an ineffective feedback method leaving a faster mobile sms means. i am just dissapointed and please KASNEB ASSIST ME TO KNOW MY RESULTS. NAC/164622

  • martin

    Are your systems working really since i have tried thrice to access my results without any success..?

  • lawrence mugambi

    i join others to condemn u kasneb.neither sms nor creation of account is working.b realistic ad efficient.NAC/93903

  • peter mutua king’oo

    I cannot access my results either via sms or login account for students,WAS UP???? i want to move to next level or repeat what I might have failed

  • Maggie

    I am disappointed with KASNEB; I cant get my CPA results after almost a week!!!!

  • kiplangat kennedy

    This method is unfriendly

  • peter mutua king’oo

    what is this coming soon i want ma results

  • jahkey

    i cant get my results

  • haler

    hii story ya u r not quite ready and i will be able to access soon inamaanisha nini/

  • Kiplangat K.

    When I try to log in, I get the following message on my screen;

    “Coming Soon to a Browser Near You
    Unfortunately, we’re not quite ready yet. But, you can see our progress below:”

    And that becomes the end. Nothing happens after that. Do you know of a way one may use to go around this curtain?

  • mauku njau

    Have tried to get my result but….What’s wrong with Kasneb this time?I think proffessional accountant examination body should be efficient to say the least.it a nightmare.


    am just confused on how to get the results.wat is this timpata website which is so complicated i think if they knew its not convinient they would have informed us before. we badly need our results.and please this system is frustrating


    I have tried to get my results but i cant.what is the problem.please i need to know


    y should i pay 50 shillings for someone to check my results anyway am begging to get my results which i have paid for and sweat for it?serious wat is wrong with this kenya y dont we use the previous convinient system cant understand even sending an sms its not working

  • jefferson mugendi mutiria

    Admin:have tried to access my results via sms without any success whats happening.

  • muna

    how do you check your results via sms..admin plz tell us

  • mesh

    are you posting the results via post since your website seem not to be working.if so by when?

  • http://kasneb caro

    try to update your website or activate the sms can’t access my CPS results

  • http://www.kasneb.co.ke humphrey njoroge

    please confirm my results NAC/183669.

  • onyango okello

    assite as get our cpa results in time even if it means use of sms

  • Edwin

    You are still really analogue in this day and era!!!your customers are feeling really disenfranchised…I am gravely peeved

  • kim

    im unable to access my results. my number is NAC/182141.

  • vicky

    av nt yet received my ca results yet…….you guys are just making it worse

  • doris

    The kasneb interactive shows that its 87% complete.how do we use a site that is in WIP to view results.surely kasneb,style up!!!!

  • Winnie

    Using this website online thing has inconvinienced lots of pple,,,u ppl shud do smthn about it because i personally have not goten my results up 2 now

  • nicholas murgor

    results 4 nac/178053

  • disqus_HqWqNeJBb7

    i can’t see my results and i created the said account

  • Maureen

    Kasneb has activated their site but still, its not working… whats wrong?

  • Maureen

    Update 5 is not working still…

  • Ann

    upto this far I am not able view my results why why . My account is inactive why why

  • Stephen

    Just upload a pdf file on the site so we can receive results; be creative to serve your clients better. stephen.seruwo@gmail.com

  • Stephen

    And for us in Uganda, how can we get results on phone, by SMS