Joint Admissions Board (JAB); Revision of courses for KCSE 2011 candidates; Online revision of university choices KCSE 2011 candidates

12 May 2012 59 Comments

The Joint Admissions Board (JAB) has announced the revision of degree choices for KCSE 2011 candidates  to be between 14th and 31st May 2012. This is a chance given to those students who meet the minimum cut off points for university admission to APPLY for university admission, OR to revise the degree choices they made while still in school.

This exercise will be for those who attained a mean grade of  B (63 points for boys and 61 points for girls) in KCSE 2011.

This exercise will be conducted Online meaning candidates will need a access to a computer or a phone with internet access.

Candidates will need to have:

1. KCSE Index No
2. KCPE Index No
3. Birth Certificate Number
4. A valid email account, if you do not have an email address, you can create one with Google Mail (GMail) by clicking here
5. Ksh.500( if you had applied for university admission earlier while in school) or Ksh. 800 (for those applying for University admission for the first time)

We now have the procedure for the on line revision process as follows:


STEP 1:  Check the status of your application (the one you did while still in school) from JABs website. Click here to see status. ***the JAB website might be down from time to time due to heavy traffic, however, please keep trying.

STEP 2: Search and identify  the degree you wish to apply for and its corresponding weighted cut off points  from the list available  on JAB website   here  (if this link does not work, please get a copy of the same document on The Timpata’s storage here). Please note that the same course could be offered by different Universities, and each university has its own cut off points. To make your search easier, the same information provided in the document above, is re-arranged such that related courses are put together regardless of the University. To get this information in this format, please click here.

STEP 3: Check  what are the  4 clusters subjects required for your degree choice in step 2 above  by clicking here.

STEP 4: Calculate your Weighted cluster point. You can read on how to calculate the cluster points in The Timpata by clicking here.

STEP 5: See if your weighted cluster point (in step 4) is above the weighted cut off point for your degree choice as you identified in step 2 above. If it is above, then you qualify for admission to that course. If it is below, then you do not qualify for that course, and you might want to select another degree choice by starting again from step 2.

Repeat Step 2 to  Step 5 until you have a set of  enough degree choices (enough means as many as the system allows you to choose).  Remember to note the corresponding degree codes for each e.g 11101 for Bachelor of Arts in University of Nairobi) that you qualify for admission.  These degree choices can be from different Universities.

STEP 6: With your degree choices ready i.e the name and the code of each of the degree choices, Log on to the JAB’s revision system here: http://jabonline.uonbi.ac.ke from a computer. If you are using your mobile phone, you can go to: http://jabmobile.uonbi.ac.ke

STEP 7:  If it is your first time to use the system, you will need to ‘REGISTER’ to get a user name and password which you shall use to log in. PLEASE REMEMBER YOUR PASSWORD. It might be very difficult for you to complete the process if you forget or lose your password. Write it down if need be (note whether the password has capital letters since a difference in capital and small letters matters for a password).

STEP 8: Once you are logged in, confirm your contact details and make any changes if need be. (This is the address you are likely to receive your admission lettes on. Please enter carefully)

STEP 9: You are now ready to access the Degree Application Form. However you need to make a payment first. The system should show you how much you are expected to pay. Usually, if you had applied for university admission while still in school, you shall be required to pay Ksh. 500 to revise your application. If you had not applied while in school and you are applying for University admission for the first time now, you shall be required to pay Ksh. 800.

How to pay Via M-PESA:

  1. From the M-PESA Menu, select ‘Pay Bill’
  2. Enter Business no. 913900
  3. Enter account number as your KCSE 9 Digit INDEX NO e.g. 711702001
  4. Enter the Amount
  5. Enter your M-PESA PIN, confirm the details and Send
How to pay via Airtel Money:
  1. Go to Airtel -> airtel money option on your phone
  2. Select make payments option
  3. Select pay bill option
  4. Select OTHER
  5. Enter business name UONJAB
  6. Enter Amount
  7. Enter your PIN
  8. For Reference enter KCSE 9 Digit INDEX NO.e.g. 711702001

You will receive two payment confirmation messages.  One SMS from Mpesa/Airtel and another one from JAB.  On receipt of the JAB confirmation, continue with the revision process as in step 10 below.

STEP 10: Log in to the system again as in step 6. Then since you have now paid and received the confirmation message from JAB, you will have now be able to access the Degree Application Form.  Read and accept the terms and conditions then enter the degree codes of your degree choices as you had them in Step 5.

STEP 11: Confirm that all information you have entered is correct then click on ‘Save’

STEP 12: For the changes you have made to take effect, you will have to log out.

You can then log in again to see that all information is now correct by clicking on View Current Choices.

To make changes to your choices you can repeat from Step 10 to Step 12 above.


  • For assistance, an applicant may visit the nearest office of the Provincial Director of Education from May 21 to May 26, 2012, or the JAB offices at the University of Nairobi during the revision period. Enquires may also be made through   jabonline@uonbi.ac.ke during the revision period.
  • The system will open for revision at 00:00 hrs  May 14 (midnight Sunday), and close on 24.00hrs May 31, 2012. No further revision will be entertained after the system has closed.
  • There will be no manual revision using physical application forms. Revision must be done online following the procedure given above.
  • All payments for revision MUST be made through Mpesa or Airtel money as explained in step 4 of the procedure.  Any other mode of payment will NOT BE ACEPPETED.

We shall be updating this post with information as we get it.


<<UPDATE 1: 20/07/2012>> JAB  has announced the second revision of degree choices to be between 18th to 24th July 2012. The process for this second revision is just as above.


**Please note that The Timpata is not in any way related to the Joint Admissions Board and it relies on information made public by the the board to update it’s posts.**


  • Admin (author) said:

    @Ken Muchi. Most of these new colleges are constituent colleges under the established Universities. So find out the parent University of such colleges and apply according to that Universities requirements.

  • Ken muchi said:

    Are we supposed to use the 2010 clusters for revision? What if one is interested in courses in new universities like taita taveta?

  • njeri said:

    are we using 2010 cluster points for revision?

  • Admin (author) said:

    @Njeri, Those are the latest that JAB has issued, so it is safe to assume that these are what shall be used for University Admission for KCSE 2011 candidates.

  • Gibson Mogire said:

    You said that if,this is the first time somebody is using the system should have to REGISTER have a password, do you mean the email occount and its passeord or it is something else?

  • Admin (author) said:

    @Gibson Mogire. It means that you will need to get a username and password to access the JAB system. This is of course different from the username and passwords of your email account.

  • Gibson Mogire said:

    How do I register?

  • Dave said:

    What if ur cluster points are exactly the same as those jab is using as cut off points for the particular course.is it safe to pick that course still?

  • Admin (author) said:

    @Gibson, please follow the steps given in the article.

  • Admin (author) said:

    @Dave: Yes. In such a case you qualify for such a course and you can pick it.

  • Lance said:

    Wat if i want to use my home address instead of the school address how can i change this?

  • Admin (author) said:

    @Lance, please check step 8.

  • Admin (author) said:

    @Manu, please repeat from step 10 to 12 above to make corrections.

  • Manu said:

    I have made the online revision and completed every step and saved the changes only to discover that i had entered a wrong code of my degree choice,what can i do.is any adjustment on the revision granted?plz help

  • Dency said:

    I’v already done the online application but i used my email address and password what do i do to know the course i’ve been taken for

  • Admin (author) said:

    @Dency, Please find details under step 12 in this post:

  • Collins yego said:

    timpata 4 keepn in touch.
    Why is it that cut-off points r not constant 2ru da yrs i.e 2009 en 2010 in sum cozs xo does it means tat sumbdy who has chosen a coz whose cluster points is da same as cut-off is likely to miss tat coz?

  • Isaac said:

    I tried to revise the courses online making sure that everything is correct but this is what I was told.
    “You have provided invalid information.
    Please enter the your correct Center Number, Index Number and Birth Certificate Number.”
    what might be the problem?

  • oluoch said:

    i hav followed da procedure upto where u pay. And i have registered. Where do i get the password to log in?

  • Admin (author) said:

    @Collins. The cluster points vary over the years. However the 2010 cut off points can act as a guideline. It is safest if you apply for a course that you have slightly higher score than the cut off point

  • Admin (author) said:

    @Oluoch, could you check your email address to see if it has been sent via email?

  • oluoch said:

    no password in my email. If i want to reset, they require jab centre number. What is this number.

  • oluoch said:

    what is this jab centre number pliz. Am stranded

  • dave said:

    is it ok to apply for the new courses that have been introduced in the various universities.

  • dave said:

    am a bit confused by the cut off points.i’ll ask my question in the form of an example.a 2010 kcse candidate had a cluster of 46.8.he applied for comp. science using 2009 cut off points(cut off for 2009 is 46.8)however the cut off for 2010 is 47.1.the question is,did that student get admission?sorry for being ‘long’

  • NGALA said:

    about the username and password, will we be required to create a new one by the online revision or will we just use our email accounts &passwords? plz help.. admin might i add you are doing a fantastic job you’re actually helping a lot of candidates.

  • Aeon said:

    Hi all..just remember to choose wisely since the cut off points are just for ESTIMATING CUT OFF POINTS…the actual cut off points will be derived after selection is complete…i.e during the selection….hence it is highly not advielsed to pick a course that u just reach cut off e.g lets say one has cluster of 46.2 and picks a course of 46.2 as off 2011 not 2012¡¡he/she is likely NOT to get it as most courses go up with every year..and 2011 students passed more than 2010′s so most courses will go up….just saying..any questions…be sure to use the JAB cut off points from JAB website and not booklet as it has some major changes..new courses,and some courses were removed and also new university colleges

  • Aeon said:

    Hi all..just remember to choose wisely since the cut off points are just for ESTIMATING CUT OFF POINTS…the actual cut off points will be derived after selection is complete…i.e during the selection….hence it is highly not advielsed to pick a course that u just reach cut off e.g lets say one has cluster of 46.2 and picks a course of 46.2 as off 2011 not 2012¡¡he/she is likely NOT to get it as most courses go up with every year..and 2011 students passed more than 2010′s so most courses will go up….just saying..any questions…be sure to use the JAB cut off points from JAB website and not booklet as it has some major changes..new courses,and some courses were removed and also new university colleges.Good luck


    COULD YOU PLIZ EXPOUND ONBACHELOR OF BUSSINES MANAGEMENT (civil aviation managment) @ moi university….whats it all about?

  • Tirop said:

    I dont understand the thing of getting a username and a password.
    Could you pliz assist????

  • Admin (author) said:

    @Dave. It is OK to do so.

  • Admin (author) said:

    May be may be not. It is always safe to apply for a course that you have a slight margin above the cut.

  • Admin (author) said:

    @Ngala, thanks for appreciating our service. The system should give a user name and password different from the ones you use for your email account.

  • Admin (author) said:

    @Aeon, Thanks so much for that very helpful information. Indeed I agree with you.

  • denis_kip said:

    in order to increase your chances to be picked for a course you desire could you enter the same course twice?????

  • victoria. said:

    hi, please advice me on wat to do coz i was notified about the revision dates today it was already late.

  • Admin (author) said:

    @Denis-Kip: No. that will not in any way increase your chances. Instead, it will waste your opportunity to place your second best choice.

  • Mike said:

    I hear that it’s possible to make changes on degree choice you are admitted to do,during the first two weeks.Is it also possible to transfer from one university to another which they offer the same degree course(the universities that relate i.e constitute colleges of moi university)can i be granted this changes.plz advice?

  • Admin (author) said:

    @Mike. It is possible to do an inter-university transfer.
    However, this usually is more difficult and has less chances of success. However, if you still intend to try it, contact your registrar’s office immediately you report for assistance.

  • Dan said:

    I have just checked my jab account for the degree choices i had made but what i found was this:you have made no degree choices for 1st revision,what does this imply & yet i completed my revision as was required.am stressd up,what can i do,plz help?

  • Admin (author) said:

    @Dan Please visit JAB offices at University of Nairobi main campus admissions office as soon as possible for assistance.


    hi timpata….to which adress is the letter of addmision sent…is it to your fomer high school or the one you stated on your contact info during application….?

  • Admin (author) said:

    @Ngugi, The letter is sent to the address you specified on the form.



  • Jacob said:

    When am i goin to know the univesity which am selected

  • Jacob said:

    Am awaiting for the response pliz

  • Michael lubembe said:

    Hi timpata,do you have any idea when the letters for selection will be sent for regular students(2011 candidates)

  • kelfin said:

    when is jab 2012 coming out.

  • Admin (author) said:

    @Jacob, Please try this link. http://jab.uonbi.ac.ke/admission_enquiry

  • Sophia said:

    @Admin please how will i know the course i have be taken to do and in which univesity?

  • Admin (author) said:

    @Sophia Please check using the link in step 1 above.

  • Tonny aka dextah said:

    Wen r the letters 4 university admission supposed to be released?

  • Admin (author) said:

    @Tonny: It is still pretty early to know that.

  • ANDREW said:

    hi, how do we check 2011 kcse jab students and their assigned courses

  • sammie said:

    i sat for my kcse last year and did not meet the cut off points but after i applied for remarking,i reached the cut off points, am stranded now since i cant even revise for the courses since knec has not submitted our grades to the jab and they are not likely to do so in good timwhat do i do?

  • Fiona said:

    “Hi admin, is there a way that I can change a course after being taken for a different course by jab?”

  • Admin (author) said:

    @Fiona: Yes you can do an interfaculty transfer after you have been admitted to the University. Simply contacts the office of the registrar within the first week of reporting for details.

  • peter said:

    Hi admin which is marketable between industrial chemsitry and geospatial information system

  • beth said:

    hi admin i have registered successfully for the revision of courses and paid the required fee however i have not received a confirmation from jab and the application form refuses to open . please assist on the most appropriate thing to do

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