How to register KCSE 2012 candidates online; the user guide online

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NOTE: As you read the content below, please note that The Timpata is not an agent of KNEC and we only try to avail information that KNEC has already released to the public. It is in line with this that we have  put an online-friendly version of the User-guide released by KNEC on registration of KCSE 2012 online. The original version of this user guide in MS Word can be obtained from KNEC’s website here: http://www.knec-registration.ac.ke/KCSE/REGISTRATION/Login.aspx

1.0.            Introduction

This system is meant to be used by KNEC Examination centers to register candidates for Kenya Certificate of Secondary Examination (KCSE). Centers are required to access the KNEC website on www.knec-registration.ac.ke to register and download the KCSE Registration application.

This application is used to enter the candidates’ details as per KNEC regulations and is later uploaded to the KNEC database through the registration website. Centers will be provided with a username and password to upload the file, as every center will only registers/ uploads its own students.

Once logged on, the centers can also edit candidates’ details (already registered candidates), or register additional candidates, view or download:

  • Nominal roll
  • Photo register
  • School invoice.

Candidates can also confirm if registered, through the KNEC Website, [www.knec-registration.ac.ke/KCSE]. (Confirmation does not require login i.e. username and password)

Registration process has four simple steps;

  1. Step 1: Visit the KNEC website.
  2. Step 2: Download the candidates’ registration application (Offline mode-optional)
  3. Step 3: Fill the candidates details to create the registration file (offline mode- optional)
  4. Step 4: Login into the KNEC website and;
  • Upload the registration file
  • Enter new candidate (fully online)
  • Edit existing candidates
  • Edit school details
  • Generate and print nominal roll
  • Generate and print school invoice


NB: This application is only available up to last day of the Registration period

2.0.            Requirements

Your computer should be installed with the following software programs;


  • Windows operating system.
  • Microsoft office.
  • Internet connection

(Those registering using the offline mode, should note that the EXPORT BUTTON does not work with windows 7, windows XP is recommended.)

 3.0.            Getting started

3.1. Downloading the candidate’s registration application

Open Internet Explorer

Type in the following web address www.knec-registration.ac.ke/kcse

  1. Click Go button  or press Enter Key from your keyboard.
  2. Wait for Login form (First Page) to appear.



4.0.            Registration Application

4.1. Download Registration application

1. Click on Download button on the Login form (First Page) to download the registration Application.

A pop up window (new screen within the main screen) appears as below:

 image 2


2. Click on save file and select the location to save the file:

image 3

4.2. Opening the KCSE Registration application

1. Locate the application file that you downloaded (you can either copy, move it to another location/ computer, or work on it from where it is)

 image 4

2.  Double Click the file to open.

The following window appears:

 image 5

4.3. Registration of candidates

4.3.1. Candidates Registration details

It is assumed that the schools have ready, a record of the candidates’ registration details as outlined in the window form above

4.3.2. Entering Candidates Registration details

  1. Enter the centre number (must be entered)- (eight digits, the first two numbers MUST be the county code in which the school is)
  2. Enter candidates’ details one by one.
  3. Enter candidate Number, three digits e.g. 001, 010, 099, 100, 501….etc. and Candidates name as shown below
image 6

4.3.3. Candidates’ details Biodata

  1. Birth Certificate No: This should be entered as it appears on the Birth certificate of the candidate.
  2. Entry: All candidates should indicate if they are sitting  the exam  for the  first time -first attempt or Second attempt. If for the first attempt the first three subjects (subjects 1, 2 &3) are compulsory.
  3. Status: Select if you are a citizen (Kenyan) or non-citizen (Non Kenyan).
  4. Gender: You can either choose female or male.
  5.  Year of Birth: Enter the correct year of birth.

image 7



NB: The figure above shows the following candidate’s details;

Birth Certificate No. : 34678690, Entry: First Attempt, Status: Citizen (Kenyan), Gender: Female and the Year of Birth: 1990. Disabilty

Using the drop down menu to complete this section appropriately.

1. Example – if applicable  e.g blind  

                    image 8                                   


2. Example – If not applicable i.e All NO.


              image 9                 

NB: Do not select any if none is applicable (NO to all) Selecting subject choices

Selection of  subject choices is based on the number of entry – attempts as selected in the BIO DATA. One can either be registering for the first time(1st Attempt) or Second (2nd repeater all subject) or (3rd repeater partial).

A maximum of nine (9) subjects can be selected according to the subject groupings and depending on the number of attempt.

Use the drop down menu to select the right choice in each group for each candidate as filled in the form.

A. First attempt

If selected as a 1st attempt,  all the three compulsory subjects must be selected. These subjects include 101 – English, 102 – Kiswahili and 121 – Mathematics as shown in the Subject choices figure below.

image 10


Selecting the other subjects this is done by clicking the drop down menu which displays a set of choices to select one subject.

For example, in subject 4 we have three subjects and only one should be selected from the group. Select the correct subject.

For instance in the figure below, PHYSICS (232) is selected.

image 11


 NB: Do not select a subject more than one time.


The same process of selecting from a group of subjects applies to others. In a group where you have no choice to select, leave it blank.

See an example below for  fully registered candidate (first attempt).

image 12



B. 2nd repeater all subjects

These are candidates repeating KCSE, not sitting for the exam for the first time. They a register for subjects not less than 7.

See an example below for  fully registered candidate (second repeater).

image 13


C. Third repeater Partial

These are partial repeaters who register for less than 7 subjects. The index numbers for such candidates range between (501-999) These group of repeaters do not take the normal index numbers.

For these candidates, only the subjects they are repeating should be selected. The same process of selecting by drop down menu is applied to other subjects.

image 14

See an example below for  fully registered candidate (Third repeater).


This details should be correctly filled in, i.e. the KCPE/QT/EQ Year and the KCPE/QT/EQ index number.

N/B Repeaters should also give the previous KCPE or QT or EQ index and year as their previous details.


All candidates regardless of their attempt should provide either the KCPE index and year or QT index and year or EQ index and year as their previous details.



The details entered will be saved automatically on clicking the save or the next button. The next button also allows you to input the next candidate’s details.

image 15

5.0.            Exploring through the system – Buttons in use

  1. SEARCH button[ ]: finds the specific candidate’s details for editing, removing or viewing. This is done by clicking the search button which produces a screen within the normal screen, type in the candidates number as below i.e. 001 and the results are displayed by clicking Find Next. See the figure below.

image 16


  1. NEW button  [ ] : enters a new candidate’s details.
  2. SAVE button[ ] :  saves the displayed candidate’s details.
  3. NEXT button [ ] : saves the displayed candidate details and move to the next record.
  4. PREVIOUS button [ ] : saves the displayed candidate details and moves back to the previous record.
  5. HELP button  : displays the assistance you may require when working with the system.
  6. DELETE button [ ] : removes the displayed candidate’s details from the system.


Deleting or removing a record.

image 17

Caution: On confirming that you want to delete the record as required below (by clicking yes) the record will be removed.


  1.  REPORT Button[ ] : dispays a report of registered or keyed in candidates’ details. The report should be printed for candidates to verify, before Exporting and subsequent Uploading is done.

Any changes should be indicated on the report for correction and a final copy printed which is again verified if correct.


image 18


 EXPORT Button [ ] : produces a registration file that need to be uploaded through the KNEC website.  This action should be done after candidates have confirm that the registration details are true and valid after going through their details on the above report. Please note that the EXPORT button does not work with with windows 7, Windows XP is recommended.

6.0. Creating the Candidate Registration File

NB: Before this process make sure that all candidates’ details are correct and confirmed

Click the Export button, the following screen is displayed.

 image 19

Click the ok.

  1. The file will be exported to Drive C:\ of your computer
  2. Browse to drive C:\ to confirm that the file has been created.

NB: This is done by clicking the START button on the computer, then click MY COMPUTER icon which will show drive C:\ as shown below, double click it to open. The file name should prefixed your center code followed by a dash(-) and the word KCSE-REG.

NB: Example: If your center code is 01101205 your file will be: 01101205-KCSE-REG.dll

 The Drive C location in the computer.

image 20


  1. Find the produced file (centre code-KCSE-REG).

For example in the figure below, file 110011-KCSE-REG

image 21

  1. Upload the file through KNEC web site.

 6.1. Uploading the Candidates Registration File

NB: Ensure Internet connection is active

  1.  Open Internet Explorer
  2.  Type in the following web address www.knec-registration.ac.ke/kcse
  3.  Click Go button  or press Enter Key from your keyboard.

NB: Wait for the home page to load completely (appear)

image 22

Click on the Register button

6.1.1. Logging In

You will need to have your user name and password. The username is the school code. Kindly note that the code is now an 8-digit number. The county code has been appended to the earlier 6-digit school code.

To obtain the school password, send an SMS message of your full school code e.g. KCSE#01101101 to 5052, you will then receive an 8-digit number which you shall use as the password to log in.

***KNEC has changed the number to which you send the sms to 6062

  1. Enter your user name and password

image 23

  1. Click Log In
  2. Upon successful login, you will be required to change your password as a security measure ensuring that only authorized persons can access your registration details. The form below will appear that will allow you to change your password.

NB: Appears only if accessing the system for the first time.

6.1.2. Changing Password

image 24

  1. Type in your default password in the input labeled Current Password.
  2. Enter the new password (Can be any combination of letters or numbers) in the input labeled New Password.
  3. Confirm the new password (Please don’t copy-paste), by re-typing the password in the input labeled Confirm Password.
  4. Click Change Password to effect the changes
  1. You will get a successful confirmation as show by screen below
  1. Click Continue to proceed to the upload – registration of candidates.

NB: Kindly note your password and keep it secretive


6.1.3. Uploading file

Select the upload registration file from Task selection, drop down menu.

image 26

Click Continue Button

Browse the file from the location you had saved it.

The file should be prefixed as follow


Where CenterCode is your School assigned Code.

NB: You have to select the file that belongs to the center you have logged in with.


If you have logged in with User Name 01123456, then the file will be 01123456-KCSE-REG.dll.

image 28

Click upload to register the candidate(s)

If successfully uploaded, the following similar message appears:

image 29

6.1.4.      Editing centre details

In the case of centre details being wrong or the centre head wishes to change the details, from the task selection drop down menu, select Edit centre details and click Continue Button

Click on the  Button to see the window below.


image 30

Make the necessary changes if any and click on the Post button to save.

 6.1.5.      Batch uploading of photos

Kindly check the guide on photo submission at the end of this document before taking the photos.

  • Transfer candidates’ photo onto a computer
  • rename / save the photos with the candidate index number
    (no photo should be saved with the candidates’ names)
  • create a folder named your center code
  • copy all the candidates photos onto that folder
  • zip/compress the folder
  1. right click the folder with Photos
  2. select Send to
  3. Click on Compressed (zipped) folder

image 31

log on back to KNEC website (www.knec-registration.ac.ke/kcse)

  • click upload button candidate photos
  • Enter your username and password
  • From the TASKS drop down list, select Upload Candidates Photos and click Continue

image 32


  1. Browse to the compressed photos folder, and click upload

image 33


If successfully uploaded, the following similar message appears:

image 34



Please note that this year photos will only be uploaded in batch. No single photos will be uploaded.

 7.0 Confirming Registration

Centers and individual candidates can confirm their registration details for accuracy. Centers are required to use the:

  • Nominal roll; to confirm candidates details
  • Photo register; to confirm candidates photographs and
  • School invoice; to confirm registration fee due.

7.1 Centers (already logged in)

7.1 .2 Nominal roll

From the task selection screen, (You can Click on Back button to move to the task selection screen) but this time use CONFIRMATION REGISTRATION section.

image 35


Select Nominal Roll from the Task menu and click Continue.

Enter your Centre code and click View report

image 36



The above window appears, displaying the Nominal roll, which should be printed for candidates to confirm their details and sign if correct. The duly signed Nominal roll by the candidates and the head teacher is then sent to KNEC.

The above window appears, displaying the Photo register, which should be printed for candidates to confirm their pictures and sign if correct. The duly signed Photo register by the candidates and the head teacher is then sent to KNEC.

7.1.3 School invoice

From the task selection screen, select school invoice and click Continue

Enter your Centre code and click View report

image 37

The above window appears, displaying the school invoice, which may be printed and use it to pay to the bank.

7.2 Confirming an individual candidate

Ensure internet connection is active

Log in to KNEC website- www.knec-registration.ac.ke/kcse

On the first page that appears- log in page, click on Confirm button

image 38


Enter the index number and again click Confirm button

image 39

Below is a sample interface confirming a registered candidate.

image 40

8.0. Registration of New candidate(s) online


Schools can also register their new candidates online (while connected to the Internet); however, Internet connection must be available throughout the exercise, hence may not be preferred where Internet cost is billed based on time. The schools can however use the method when registering a few candidates after the initial submission such as late registration.

NB: KNEC therefore recommends that Schools should download the registration application, fill in their candidates’ details and later connect to the internet to upload.

To register a new candidate directly,

  • From the task selection page, select

  Enter New Candidates and then click Continue button

image 41

8.1. Entering New Candidates online

Enter the actual details of candidate as show below:

8.1.1. Index Number

Candidates Index Number must be entered first

8.1.2. Bio-data

All information for a candidate should be provided including birth certificate numbers.

image 42

8.1.4. Disability

Select any special need for a candidate on this section.

image 43

8.1.5. Examination Subjects

Depending with the number of examination attempts of a candidate, select from drop down menus the subject1 through subject9 as per KNEC examination subject-selection rule. If 1st attempt the compulsory subject that is English, Kiswahili and Mathematics will be automatically selected for you. Choose other subjects to a minimum of 8 (eight) subjects. For other attempts you can select subject1-9 with minimum of one.

image 44

NB: Do not select subject twice as the system will not submit.

8.1.6. Previous Exam Details

Enter the last previous KNEC examinations details for the candidate on the input provided.

image 45

8.1.7. Private candidate only

This section is filled for sitting private candidate only.

image 46

8.1.8. Submitting Candidate Registration Records

When finished entering a new candidate, click submit button  to save.

8.1.9. Moving to Next Candidate Registration Records

If you are registering multiple candidates, enter the 1st candidate then click next button  to enter others sequentially.

9.2. Editing Existing Candidate(s) online

The uploaded candidates’ details (or the newly/ already registered candidates) can be changed, if need be, by logging online.

From the task selection screen, select the Edit Existing Candidate Option in Task selection, drop down menu.

Enter the candidate’s index number as shown below and click search button.

The candidate’s details will be displayed for editing.

image 48


Edit appropriately.

Click the update button  to save.

Caution: Clicking Delete button will cause the whole candidate record be removed from the KNEC database.




 For the candidates who will be required to upload photos, i.e. K.C.S.E and non formal, the following guidelines were suggested.

  1. It must be a passport photograph, should be colored and must be taken using a digital camera.
  2. The photo should be taken on a cream or light grey background(the backgrounds should be plain not flowered)
  3. Photo size should be 45mm high x 35mm wide (as illustrated below)

image 49




  1. Free from shadows.
  2. The photo should be taken with eyes open and clearly visible (no sunglasses or spectacles)
  3. The candidate should be facing forward, looking straight at the camera.
  4. The Candidate should be having  a neutral  expression with the mouth closed (no grinning, frowning or raised eyebrows)
  5. Each candidate should be on his/her own, no group photos or objects like dummies or toys or even other people being visible on the photos.
  6. The photo should be in sharp focus and clear with a strong definition between the face and background.
  7. The photo must contain the full face, neck and shoulders of the candidate in frontal view
  8. The photo should be recent (not more than six months old)
  9. The photos MUST be saved with the full index of the candidate and in JPG format i.e. the 11digits e.g. 01101001001.jpeg. NO PHOTO SHOULD BE SAVED WITH THE NAMES OF THE CANDIDATES.
  10. All photos should be taken in school uniform
  11. In addition to uploading the photos all schools should submit the saved photographs to KNEC offices through their D.E.O’s in CD’s (each photo should be matched with the index numbers not names, in JPG format).



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    However, if you are using windows xp, you are required to download the registration software first, enter student details then upload the MS ACCESS file to the KNEC database online. While working with the software off-line, you can edit the student details. However, AFTER uploading the MS ACCESS file online, you will NOT be able edit the details.

    In case you are affected by the above 2 scenarios, please contact KNEC directly for directions.

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    disorder panic

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