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KCPE 2011; How to check the secondary school you have been admitted to via SMS; Form 1 2012 selection results via SMS

14 January 2012 40 Comments
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KCPE 2011 candidates and parents can now check the secondary school in which the candidate has been admitted to through SMS.

Simply send an SMS with your full Index number ONLY to 4042.

You will receive an SMS notifying you of the name and the code of the Secondary School you have been admitted to.

**When The Timpata tested this service, the sms reply took almost 20hrs to come through. We hope the speeds have improve over time.

We will update this post with new information as we get it.

<<UPDATE 001>> The Selection of FORM 1 is complete for National and Provincial schools ONLY as at now. As such, if a candidate was not selected in any of these schools, the SMS service will return an error “Index number not found…..”

<<UPDATE 002>>The website with the selection information is http://www.education.go.ke When The Timpata checked this link, it was not going through. We hope the person responsible at the Ministry of Education will note and take necessary steps to correct this.


<<UPDATE 003>> Your can now check this information online. Read how to access this here: http://www.thetimpata.com/2012/01/21/form-1-2012-selection-results-online-how-to-check-the-secondary-school-you-have-been-admitted-to-online/

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  • cornelia

    Thanks, It has taken less than a minute to get the school the child has been selected to unlike by the internet-which i have failed due to slow connection until I requested someone else to do it elsewhere but took long still due to connection of internet before i got the trick of SMS.

    But now, How do I know the direction of the school or the contact address? many schools have similar names.

    Please assist.


  • Caroline

    I have sent the sms for 4 times and the reply is that index number not found. What is the problem? index number is 540302018 and my number is 073104XX3.
    Hope I will be assisted.

    • Admin

      Hi Caroline, Please contact the help lines 0702153181 or 0736040251

  • http://www.kirubimaina.co.ke kirubi maina

    Awesome! what i have never imagined in my entire life has come true.

  • Diana masika

    Wats the website where we can get the same

    • Admin

      @Diana: There is currently no known website offering this.

  • nancy

    hi i have tried the number but i get an sms back that index number not found or wrong, the helpline numbers are switched off. Please assist index number is 234420011

  • http://www.twitter.com/sam2well samwel

    Why don’t you just get us a website for this coz i’ve sent more than 10sms and yet no response but money charged

  • Edwin Serem

    I wish there was a website which can enable us view this. Kindly provide it for us should it be available. Thanks.

  • James

    Get us de website plz we’re starving as parents plz.

  • onesmus

    i swear there is a site! can someone come to our rescue…

  • gladys

    Ave been sending sms with the correct index number but all what i get is index number not found or wrong! Its not even taking two seconds for the confirmation sms to come meaning there is a probability they are not working on it! When i try the number for the DEO provided, its busy all through! Can you make this process simpler by being accessible through the internet please?

  • esther

    please this sms thing is not asssting why dont u provide us with a website.i think most kenyans have wasted there money on this sms because we are geting no response.if u can assist admission number is308138022

  • michael muriungi

    Which website shows school selection by index.

    • Admin

      @Michale Muriungi; We do not have information on such a link as yet. We will publish such link immediately we get it.

  • Terry

    i would like to know where my son has been selected to.The index no. is617211102 please.

  • http://www.education.go.ke MONICAH

    I tried to SMS the index of my child 3 times to check the school she have been admitted only to get a reply that the index no. is wrong.my airtime is gone for nothing. please assist.INDEX NO. is 230320013.Thanks

  • terry

    please admin has all selection been completed? because my child i cannot find the school he was admitted to. and is there a website to log in from the computer to see the form one selection? please help us know because sms is teling me that index number does not exist.

    • Admin

      Our suspicion could be that selection to National and (probably) Provincial schools is complete. Meaning, if a candidate did not qualify for any of these, then the system might not provide feedback. However this is just our view as The Timpata. We will try and follow up with the Ministry and operators of the systems on this and let you know.

  • john okwako

    i would like to know the school which selected Avangi Majala Sserah index no. 610119011

  • fowzia mohamed

    i sent request several 4 times. the reply was sms not found. plz assist me. my index number is 803109087. call me on 0722549933

  • samson

    Its frustrating and costly to send several sms only to reply wrong index.Please us a solution. Give a website or we forget about and look for other options.

  • Nyachieng’a Davies

    Kindly,i have made three sms to atempt no response,please this are my contacts-0723940894 0725948667.INDEX NO.525409015

  • dennis

    the number isn’t working despite using the correct index number.what is the website one can use

  • Kichuna Maggy

    How much are they chargin?Y havent they provided us with a site,ndio wamek doh throug sms….



  • wilfred obote

    My son has been selected to join Mutuini Sec which was not even among his choices. the problem is that there isn’t much information on the school’s website apart from the fact that it is located somewhere in dagoretti and is a divisional school. given your explanation on the selections done so far should i assume that it is a provincial school? their phones listed are not going through so i’m unable to know wherther it is a mixed day or boarding school since i’ve seen ladies listed on their old students.if it is a day school this would be unfair to us since we stay on the eastern side of town.further details on the school would be appreciated.

  • eddy

    pliz provide us with a website, coz this sms are just boring.

  • http://N/A nganga george gaitho

    i have tried to check which school i have been admited but to no avail i have send few sms to 4042 but i have not yet got any reply . please help my idex no is 230401032 NAME NGNGA GEORGE GAITHO

  • james

    we wud lyk 2 knw ow this system is wokin coz we r bin charged but not getin what we av askd for thru tha sms.this is grand coruption bcoz somebody somewhere is benefiting.we shud b advised on what to do lyk i i av sent the sms four tyms wid no avail.a website shud b made 2 simply this.mr kiapi shud answer 2 us coz we r so many people with the same problem

  • Dan cheruiyot

    I have send severally, but answer is format not corret. Plz assist.! Index 509165006

  • Dan cheruiyot

    I have send severally, but answer is format not corret. Plz assist.! Index number 509165006

    • Admin

      @ALL: from update number 1 above, we could reliably confirm that as at 17th January 2012, Selection of students joining any other school other than a National or a Provincial school had not been completed. As such the SMS service was returning an error message. I strongly suggest that immediately you get an error message, do not resend the same not untill the District schools selection is complete.

  • KIrsten

    Its my view that given majority of Kenyans can easily access the internet and that who cannot can raquest their counterparts to do so on their behalf, the KNEC should have pre-set a website way before the admissions began coz this sms method is quite expensive and inefficient for the common mwananchi given the economic status in the country. Kindly address our grievances..

  • james

    thank u for letting us know that as yet district selection not complete but The quetiion is why are u not using the media to educate inocent parents about the current stage as many dont use website they will go on texeting and money paid just to be told ur idex is wrong or is not 9 digits come on mr authour kenyans need the right information always to save our kids from the anguish I am nganga

  • james

    pliz tell when we should start texeting again for districts intake

  • jnganga

    pliz give us adate when we can know where our kids wil go district schools


    This mobile enquiry is a waste of money and time (IS SOMEBODY OUT TO MAKE MONEY???). We need a better way to find out the form 1 selections.

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  • http://na fred

    Thank you very much, let me know when the distrct selection will take place