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KASNEB examination centers in Kenya for ICTT, CICT, ATC, IST, CMT, CPA, CPS, CSIA, CCP,

13 August 2011 12 Comments
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The following are the proposed KASNEB examination centres for ATC, IST, CMT, CPA, CPS, CSIA and CCP examinations:

HELP:To quickly find centres in a given town, press CTRL+F and type in the search box the name of the town. All Centres in  that town will be highlighted.

Foundation Institute of Africa                                                        -Nairobi

Kenya School of Credit Management                                             -Nairobi

Premier College of Professional Studies                                         -Nairobi

Nairobi Institute of Business Studies (NIBS)                                   -Nairobi

Nairobi Aviation College                                                                 -Nairobi

DIMA College                                                                             -Nairobi

Upper Hill Secondary School                                                        -Nairobi

Royal Business School                                                                                -Nairobi

Orbit School of Management Studies (Harambee Avenue Campus)    -Nairobi

Orbit School of Management Studies (Kenyatta Avenue Campus)         -Nairobi

Kenya School of Technology Studies                                             -Nairobi

Pinnacle School of Business Management                                      -Nairobi

Star College of Management Studies                                             -Nairobi

Nairobi Milimani Secondary School                                                                -Nairobi

Kenya Methodist University                                                          -Nairobi

Nairobi Primary School                                                                                -Nairobi

Vision Institute (Paramount Plaza)                                                 -Nairobi

Parklands Primary School                                                            -Nairobi

Makini College                                                                            -Nairobi

Starehe Boys Centre                                                                   -Nairobi

Pumwani Secondary School                                                         -Nairobi

Kenya National Library Service                                                     -Nairobi

East Africa School of Management                                                                -Nairobi

Carlile College (Jogoo Road)                                                        -Nairobi

St. Philips Church                                                                       -Nairobi

Buruburu Institute of Fine Arts                                                      -Nairobi

St. James ACK Church (Buruburu)                                                                -Nairobi

YMCA Shauri Moyo                                                                     -Nairobi

NYS (Ruaraka)                                                                           -Nairobi

Summit School of Professionals Ltd.                                             -Nairobi

KCA University – Thika Road                                                        -Nairobi

Institute of Business and Professional Studies (Zimmerman)            -Nairobi

Kenyatta University – Ruiru Campus                                                              -Nairobi

Kenya Institute of Professional Studies                                          -Nairobi

Shepherds Foundation Education and Research Centre                    -Nairobi

AIC Nairobi Training Centre                                                          -Nairobi

Kinyanjui Technical Training Institute                                              -Nairobi

KIFE School of Business Studies                                                  -Kawangware

Kabete Technical Training Institute                                                                -Nairobi

AHITI – Kabete                                                                           -Nairobi

UON – Lower Kabete Campus                                                      -Nairobi

Co-operative College of Kenya                                                      -Nairobi

Multimedia University College of Kenya (Mbagathi)                          -Nairobi

KTTC (Gigiri)                                                                              -Nairobi

Nairobi Technical Training Institute                                                                -Nairobi

Kiambu Institute of Science and Technology                                   -Nairobi

Kikuyu Commercial College                                                          -Nairobi

Highway Secondary School                                                          -Nairobi

Ofafa Jericho Secondary School                                                   -Nairobi

Hekima Education Centre                                                            -Ngong

Annex Computer College                                                             – Rongai

Liit College                                                                                 -Limuru

St. Joseph’s Vocational Training Centre                                         -Mlolongo

Masai Technical Training Institute                                                  -Kajiado

Central Business School – Githunguri Campus                                                -Githunguri

Destiny School of Professional Studies                                          -Githunguri

Excel Institute of Professionals                                                     -Thika

Thika Technical Training Institute                                                   -Thika

Mt. Kenya University                                                                   -Thika

Rwika Technical Training Institute                                                 -Embu

GTI Embu                                                                                  -Embu

Embu College School of Professional Studies                                 -Embu

Nyandarua Institute of Science and Technology                                              -Nyahururu

St. Anne’s Catholic Institute                                                         -Nyahururu

Egerton University – Laikipia Campus College                                 -Nyahururu

Kirinyaga Technical Training Institute                                             -Kutus

Hosannah Institute of Professional Studies                                     -Kerugoya

St. Andrew’s College of Theology                                                  -Kabare

Mombasa Polytechnic University College                                       -Mombasa

GTI Mombasa                                                                            -Mombasa

Vision Institute (Mombasa Campus)                                                              -Mombasa

Mombasa Technical Training Institute (Chandaria Hall)                     -Mombasa

Mombasa Industrial Training Institute                                             -Mombasa

Coast Girls High School                                                               -Mombasa

Hi-Tec Institute of Professional Studies                                          -Mombasa

Times Training Centre                                                                  -Mombasa

Pwani University College                                                             -Kilifi

Tawheed Girls Secondary School                                                  -Malindi

JKUAT, Taita Taveta Campus                                                       -Voi

Coast Institute of Technology                                                       -Voi

University of Eastern Africa – Baraton                                            -Kapsabet

Kaiboi Technical Training Institute                                                  -Kabiyet

Ol’lessos Technical Training Institute                                             -Lessos

Elgon View Commercial College                                                    -Eldoret


Aberdeen College of Accountancy                                 -Eldoret

Eldoret Splendid College                                              -Eldoret

Eldoret Polytechnic                                                     -Eldoret

Moi University – Main Campus                                      -Eldoret

Moi University – Chepkoilel Campus                                              -Eldoret

Alphax College                                                           -Eldoret

KCBM Eldoret Campus                                                                -Eldoret

Rift Valley Technical Training Institute                            -Eldoret

Sigalagala Technical Training Institute                            -Kakamega

Kakamega Primary School                                           -Kakamega

Kakamega High School                                                                -Kakamega

Friends College – Kaimosi                                            -Kaimosi

St. Judes Technical College                                         -Mumias

Sang’alo Institute of Science and Technology                  -Bungoma

Dominion Training Institute                                           -Bungoma

YMCA – Busia                                                            -Busia

Excel Institute                                                            -Kitale

Kitale Technical Training Institute                                  -Kitale

Royal Net Training Institute                                          -Kitale

Nanyuki Institute of Comm. and Advanced Technology    -Nanyuki

Kimathi University College                                           -Nyeri

Rware College of Accounts                                          -Nyeri

Temple Road Secondary School                                    -Nyeri

Ark School of Professional Studies                                                -Nyeri

Nyeri South Institute of Professional Studies                  -Othaya

Kagumo Ngandu Commercial College                            -Karatina

Karatina Secondary School                                           -Karatina

Naivasha Boarding Primary School                                                -Naivasha

Comboni Polytechnic                                                   -Gilgil

Achievers School of Professional                                  -Nakuru

Computer School of Administration                                                -Nakuru

MIS Centre                                                                                -Nakuru

Mwangaza Bishop Ndingi Centre                                   -Nakuru

Rift Valley Institute of Science and Technology                               -Nakuru

St. Mary’s Teachers Training College                             -Nakuru

Egerton University                                                      -Njoro

PCEA Molo College of Professional Studies                    -Molo

GTI Baringo                                                                -Kabarnet

Bartek Institute                                                           -Eldama Ravine

KCA Kisumu Campus                                                  -Kisumu

Kisumu Day Secondary School                                     -Kisumu

M.M. Shah Primary School                                           -Kisumu

Moi Institute of Technology (MIT)                                  -Rongo

Siaya Institute of Technology                                        -Siaya

Gusii Institute of Technology                                        -Kisii

Kisii College of Accountancy                                        -Kisii

Kisii University College                                                                -Kisii

St. Ann’s College                                                        -Kisii

Elgon View College – (Kisii Branch)                                                -Kisii

Keroka Technical Training Institute                                                -Keroka

Kericho Teachers Training College                                 -Kericho

Kericho Tea Secondary School                                      -Kericho

KCA Kericho Campus                                                  -Kericho

Nishkam Saint Puran Singh Institute (NSPSI)                 -Kericho

Valley College                                                            -Litein

Bomet Teachers’ Training College                                  -Bomet

Bomet College of Accountancy                                     -Bomet

Bisset Bible College                                                    -Narok

Narok University College                                             -Narok

Murang’a College of Technology                                    -Murang’a

Michuki Technical Training Institute                                               -Kangema

Chuka University College                                             -Chuka

Meru Institute of Professional Studies                            -Nkubu

Nyambene School of Professional Studies                      -Maua

Nkabune Technical Training Institute                              -Meru

Meru University College of Science and Technology        -Meru

Sipet College                                                              -Meru

Meru Technical Training Institute                                   -Meru

Meru School                                                               -Meru

St. Mary’s Secretarial College                                       -Isiolo

Holy Rosary College                                                   -Kangundo

Machakos Technical Training Institute                            -Machakos

Century Park College                                                  -Machakos

Kitui Institute of Professionals                                      -Kitui

Wote Technical Training Institute                                   -Makueni

North Eastern Province Technical Training Institute          -Garissa

Mandera Youth Polytechnic                                          -Mandera

Namirembe Resource Centre                                       -Kampala, Uganda

Kampala International University                                   -Kampala, Uganda

Kigali Institute of Management                                      -Kigali, Rwanda

School of Finance and Banking                                     -Kigali, Rwanda

Maaron Business School                                              -Douala, Cameroon

University of Juba                                                       -Juba, Southern Sudan

East Africa Centre for Professional Studies, Bujumbura    -Burundi


NOTE: Students who are attending courses at certain institutions should ascertain if a centre has been arranged at that institution. Whether a centre will be arranged at a particular place will depend on the number of students at the various levels or sections of the examinations. A centre which has very few students may be closed for a particular sitting and students transferred to another centre. Similarly, in a centre where many students have chosen to sit for the examinations, some students may be transferred to another centre. KASNEB reserves the right to reject any entry or to transfer a student from one centre to another.



The following are the proposed examination centres for ICTT and CICT examinations. Other examination centres may be arranged depending on the number of students.


Cornerstone Training Institute                            -Nairobi

Nairobi Aviation College                                      -Nairobi

Star College of Management Studies                  -Nairobi

NYS – Engineering Craft School                          -Nairobi

AIC Nairobi Training Centre                                 -Nairobi

KTTC (Gigiri)                                                         -Nairobi

Kiambu Institute of Science and Technology     -Nairobi

PC Kinyanjui Technical Training Institute          -Nairobi

Central Business School – Githunguri Campus -Githunguri

Thika Technical Training Institute                      -Thika

Mt. Kenya University                                             -Thika

Embu College School of Professional Studies  -Embu

GTI Embu                                                               -Embu

Mombasa Polytechnic University College          -Mombasa

Memon College                                                     -Mombasa

Mombasa Technical Training Institute                                -Mombasa

NYS – Technical Training Institute                      -Mombasa

Coast Institute of Technology                             -Voi

Eldoret Polytechnic                                              -Eldoret

Moi University – Main Campus                             -Eldoret

Alphax College                                                      -Eldoret

Rift Valley Technical Training Institute                               -Eldoret

Ol’lessos Technical Training Institute                                -Lessos

Sang’alo Technical Training Institute                 -Bungoma

Dominion Training Institute                                 -Bungoma

KCA Kisumu Campus                                            -Kisumu





Siaya Institute of Technology                              -Siaya

Kimathi University College                                   -Nyeri

Rware College of Accounts                                  -Nyeri

Karatina Secondary School                                 -Karatina

Hosannah Institute of Professional Studies       -Kerugoya

Kirinyaga Technical Training Institute                                -Kutus

NYS – School of Agriculture                                 -Yatta

Comboni Polytechnic                                           -Gilgil

NYS – School of Catering                                     -Gilgil

NYS – Technical Training Institute                      -Naivasha

Digital Resource Centre                                       -Nakuru

MIS Centre                                                             -Nakuru

Bartek Institute                                                       -Kabarnet

Bartek Institute                                                       -Eldama Ravine

Gusii Institute of Technology                                              -Kisii

Kisii University College                                        -Kisii

Nishkam Saint Puran Singh Institute (NSPSI)     -Kericho

Valley College                                                       -Litein

Kaiboi Technical Training Institute                     -Kabiyet

Murang’a College of Technology                        -Murang’a

Michuki Technical Training Institute                   -Kangema

St. Mary’s Secretarial College                              -Isiolo

Meru Technical Training Institute                        -Meru

Sipet College                                                         -Meru

Machakos Technical Training Institute                              -Machakos

Royal Net Training Institute                                 -Kitale


NOTE: Students who are attending courses at certain institutions should ascertain if a centre has been arranged at that institution. Whether a centre will be arranged at a particular place will depend on the number of students at the various levels or sections of the examination. A centre which has very few students may be closed for a particular sitting and students transferred to another centre. Similarly, in a centre where many students have chosen to sit for the examinations, some students may be transferred to another centre. KASNEB reserves the right to reject any entry or to transfer a student from one centre to another.

(Courtesy of http://www.kasneb.or.ke)

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  • Richard Leakey

    I am in Mwanza,Tanzania and i wish to register for C.P.A in order to take my papers in Mwanza.Can i be allowed to sit my papers in Mwanza and which examination centers do you have in Mwanza.

  • starllone kisanya

    can i change my cps examination centre online?

    • Admin

      @ Starllone, I am not sure that you can change that online. You can however contact KASNEB directly on 0722 201214, 0734 600624 for more details.


    my registration number is NAC/199918 I m in Kigali rwanda. will u please confirm if will attend without any problem

    • Admin

      @Alexis Matabaro, Please check for your examination centre from the links provided in this post above. If your centre has been indicated, then you have nothing more to worry about.


    I am a student at kisumu polytechnic doing ICTT level one and i will like to know the following: am i able to change my examination centre from kisumu to other town,am i able to pay do my payments at a diffrent town apart from Kisumu? If possible what is the procedure to follow? Please help me.

    • Admin

      @Boaz Mageto. All this is possible, simply select the examination center that you prefer on the exam registration form. You can then make payment in any branch of the banks that KASNEB has provided.

  • boaz mageto machuki

    Am a student at kisumu polytechnic and i will like to know the following: is it possible for one to know his registration number from you and use it to register or it is a must we wait them to reach to our colleges? when will student ids’ be out and how will we get them? how can i get past papers online for ictt? can i get the syllabus of those subjects done in ictt level one. please help me.

    • Admin

      @Boaz Mageto. Most of this informatin is available on KASNEB’s website here: http:www.kasneb.or.ke Kindly check it out.

  • Alphonce M Maingi

    I saw you have an examination centre at Holy Rosary College of Kangundo.If am booking for june 2013 exams (CPA section 3)can I indicate this centre as my preferred examination centre?Do you have a centre at Tala town?

  • Boaz Mageto Machuki

    I applied for student membership on may this year later august I applied for exam registration but I didn’t renew my registration,was i supposed to renew? Another question is when Will we get our ids?

  • Boaz M Machuki

    When will our ids be ready? I registered but i didnt renew my registration,i registered for membership on may. What can i do?