JAB announces the dates for Revision of courses for KCSE 2010 candidates

6 June 2011 115 Comments

The Joint Admission Board (J.A.B.)  has announced that the revision of courses for KCSE 2010 candidates will be held starting from Monday 13th June 2011 at the provincial headquarters. We also understand that the cut-off points for KCSE 2010 candidates have been released.

We will up date this post with more information as we get it. All updates will be a continuation of this post and will be numbered. Keep reloading the page for more recent updates…

<<Update1>> The universities are planning on a double intake this year to admit 32, 611 KCSE 2010 candidates to public universtiies out of the 96,000 who qualified for university admission.  Among those qualifying are candidates with a minimum aggregate grade of “B” of 63 points and above.

Female candidates with” B” of 61 points will be admitted under the JAB criteria.

<<Update2>> Kenyatta University to admit KCSE 2010 candidates in its September 2011 intake

<<Update3>> Majority of the 32,611students  will be admitted by these Major public universities as follows:

  • University of Nairobi: 4,366
  • Kenyatta University: 4,135
  • Egerton University: 2,763
  • Maseno University: 1,955
  • Masinde Murilo University of Science and Technology (MMUST) 1,064
  • Kenya Polytechnique University 1,247
  • Chepkoilel University College in Eldoret 2, 133
  • Moi University: 4,063

<<Update4>> The Cut-off points for various courses for KCSE 2010 candidates have not been set as at today (7th June 2011). However, we hope this will be finalised and be released on or before the course revision date (13th June 2011) to be held at provincial headquarters.

<<Update5>> The revision of courses will take place from 13th June 2011 to 18th June 2011 at the offices of Provincial Director Of Education (PDE) of the province where the student sat their KCSE. In Nairobi, however, it will  done at the University of Nairobi Main Campus.

It will also continue at the University of Nairobi Main Campus from 20th June 2011 to 24th June 2011 .

<<Update 6>>Requirements for the revision are:

  • Application form for the revision
  • Students national Identity card (ID)-if  a students has no national ID, they should an identification letter fromthe Head teacher of the former school)
  • Original 2010 KCSE examination results slip
  • Revision fee of Ksh. 500 for candidates who had applied earlier through former schools (Ksh. 800 for those applying for the first time). This cash is to be deposited into any KCB Bank branch with the details: Account Name: University of Nairobi – J.A.B. Account No. 1104801426. NOTE: cash payments, money orders, postal orders will NOT be accepted.
  • Return the duely filled forms to J.A.B. not later than Saturday 24th June 2011.
  • Ensure that the revision form is handled carefully and MUST NOT be creased or FOLEDED!

<<UPDATE  7>> KCSE 2010  can check their pleriminary University admissions here: http://www5.uonbi.ac.ke/partners/jab/searchchoices.php

<<UPDATE 8>>The weighted cluster points* for year 2007, 2008, 2009 are also available here:http://www5.uonbi.ac.ke/partners/jab/files/JAB_Cut_of_Pointd_2006_2009.pdf These could give you an idea of  what you qualify for.

<<UPDATE 9>> When choosing the courses and Universities, be advised that some courses are so competitive that to be admited to that course, you must have chosen it as a First choice (either 1a, 1b or 1c) in your application/revision for University admission. An example of a competitive course is Bachelor of Law.  Other less competitive courses can fall in any four of your choices e.g 1st, 2nd, 3rd or 4th. Please find in this link showing which courses MUST be first choices(1a,1b or 1c) here: http://www5.uonbi.ac.ke/partners/jab/files/JAB_CUT_OF_POINTS_2005_2008.pdf Remember this too is obtained from past admissions and should act as a guide.

<<UPDATE 10>> See what subject comprise each of the 24 clusters here: http://www5.uonbi.ac.ke/partners/jab/files/Cluster2009_2010.pdf

<<UPDATE 11>>See a list of all courses offered in a particular university here: http://www5.uonbi.ac.ke/partners/jab/files/DEGS09_10.pdf

You can also sample the same information arranged in such a way that you see a list of all Universities offering the same course grouped together here: http://www5.uonbi.ac.ke/partners/jab/files/similar_degrees.pdf

<<UPDATE 12>> To assist you in making a logical decision from all loads of the information that you have so far, I suggest this sequence (This sequence is not anofficial procedure from J.A.B. but a personal opinion of how best to arrive at the 6 choice of courses requried in applying for University admission. You are NOT obliged to follow this sequence):

  1. See whether you qualify for the courses you chose while still in school (Ref: Update 7) by checking your performance on the required cluster points as shown on the website against what is required for that course in that University you chose (Ref: Update 8)
  2. If you did not qualify and wish to revise your courses,  go to step 3 below, otherwise you may just leave the courses and Universities just as you chose them in school if you feel you comfortably qualify for them.
  3. First decide on a list  of courses that you feel are the best for you.
  4. Check What cluster subjects are required for the courses you have chosen above. (Ref: Update 10) and calculate your cluster points for each. Read on how to calculate the weighted cluster points here: http://www.thetimpata.com/2011/06/07/how-to-calculate-weighted-cluster-points-for-university-admissions-in-kenya-sample-from-past-admissions/
  5. Check what Universities offer the courses (Ref: Update 11) and choose the University you prefer.
  6. Check past cut off points for the courses and in the universities you selected above (Ref: Update 8) and see what courses you qualify for out of the ones you had chosen in step 3.
  7. Check which of the subjects must be placed as your first choice for you to be considered for admission (Ref: Update 9)
  8. Repeat this process until you have a list of 6 courses starting with the 3 first-choices (1a,1b and 1c) then 2nd, 3rd, & finally 4th choice and you will be ready to fill in the revision forms.

<<Update 13>> Update on the requirements (Update 6). If you do not have a National ID, you can use your Birth Certificate instead.

For those who do not make it to the provincial headquarters on time for the revision, they can still do the revision at University of Nairobi as from 20th June 2011 to 24th June 2011.

<< UPDATE 14>> Please note that there were some engineering courses that were rejected (not approed) by the body in charge of regulating the Engineering Profession the ERB from being offered in certain Universities due to among othere reasons lack of enough equipment and qualified lecturers. Please confirm that your course is not one of them here: @Mig: Thank you so much for that Information. It is URGENT. I urge all readers to dind it here:  http://www.standardmedia.co.ke/newdesign/news/article/2000031005/board-rejects-47-degree-courses.smg/2

*Please read on how to calculate the weighted cluster points here: http://www.thetimpata.com/2011/06/07/how-to-calculate-weighted-cluster-points-for-university-admissions-in-kenya-sample-from-past-admissions/

<< UPDATE 15>>

Some candidates were the not selected for the courses they chose even after the Revision of courses a the provinical headqaurters. These candidates are listed by JAB in this list: http://jab.uonbi.ac.ke/files/2revision_advert.pdf

Please note that this is a PDF file and you might need a computer with good internet connection speeds to download the whole document.

They are therefore required to report to the JOINT ADMISSIONS BOARD OFFICES at the University of Nairobi MAIN CAMPUS for the second and final revision that will take place from Monday 25th July, 2011 to Saturday 30th July, 2011.This will be the final chance for them to apply for JAB admission to public Universities. Details of those degree courses that have unfilled capacities and their admission requirements will be made available during the time of this second revision.

The revision fee is kshs. 500 for those whose applications had been received by JAB, and Kshs. 800 for those who will be applying for the first time. The fee is payable through cash deposit into the University of Nairobi-JAB Bank Account No.1104801426 in any branch of Kenya Commercial Bank and then presenting the deposit slip during the time of revision. Cash payments will not be accepted.

This revision application fee is non-refundable.


<<!!!URGENT UPDATE 16!!!>>

For KCSE 2010 candidates, Please find details on how to check your University Admissions here: http://www.thetimpata.com/2011/08/29/jab-university-admissions-for-kcse-2010-candidates-how-to-check-your-university-admission/


  • John Nyaga said:


  • uhusiano said:

    Good work admin, my sister is a beneficiary

  • joe said:

    wow, finally the day is announced afta xo mch anxiety…all thanks 2 u Timpata 4 being in the frnt lyn to inform us and answer our many questions…1 lst thng i’d lyk 2 knw is what are the requirements when 1 is going for the course revision .Thank u.

  • Josii said:

    Its really great to hear that Jab is concerned wit academics and much in this backlog problem.we are happy as former kcse candidates and very ready to take a next step.thanks to all stakeholders.

  • Peter Kinuthia said:

    Have those admitted to UoN under JAB received their official admission letter…..they must be taking too long even if the admission is set for mid october………

  • Mark said:

    So it looks like jkuat aint gonna take part in the double intake?

  • Lucy Nderitu said:

    Thankyou the concerned body u rlly saved most of us.what r the requirements during the revision?

  • Admin (author) said:

    @Mark: If you look keenly at the listed number students each Institution will admit, you will realised that the sum does not add up to 32, 611 students to be admited via JAB, meaning that there are other instituions that will admit KCSE 2010 candidates that are not in the list above.

  • MAXWELL said:

    i cant explain how much happy iam. may the Lord Almighty bless you for enlightening us!

  • Kirui Dixon said:

    Thanx so much for this. Now is one suppose to go for course revision in the provincial headquarters of the place one used to study or any provincial headquarters?

  • Ben said:

    I’d like to know; those dates announced by JAB as the dates for reviewal of courses, is it that those are the only dates for reviewal and i should visit the offices on that date only, or will the reviewal be done over a number of days starting from the 13th of June?.

  • Osozi said:

    Which websit can 2010 candidates find their respective JAB addmissions.

  • Admin (author) said:

    @Kirui Dixon: We will get information about that and update you.

  • Admin (author) said:

    @Ben, The review will be done over a number of days (roughly 3 days) starting from 13th June 2011. We will exact position on this and update you via this post.

  • Admin (author) said:

    @Osozi: That information is not available as of now. It will only be available after the students have had a chance to revise their choices so that JAB can then prepare a comprehensive list of this.

  • Patrick Rono said:

    Finally it is here but how reliable is it

  • Admin (author) said:

    @Patrick, we, The Timpata verify every information that we post online. We give the information as we have it and in no way do we replace the need for our readers to seek clarification from the prime source of the information that we post and in this case JAB or the admission departments of all Public Universities. See here: http://www5.uonbi.ac.ke/partners/jab/contacts.html

    Besides, what our info is corroborated in other media e.g http://www.standardmedia.co.ke/InsidePage.php?id=2000036666&cid=4&amp;

  • ben said:

    ok..thank you very much.

  • Terry said:

    N what are the requirements needed for one to do the revision?

  • ALLAN said:

    so what are the requirements for revision of corses?

  • brian said:

    is it a must for one 2 go to the provincial h.q for revision of courses?
    and hw long does the revision period take?
    thnx Timpata for your good work. kudos!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Amos mwaura said:

    Thanx alot.my question is:will the time btwn revision and admision be enough for jab to administer the admision of students

  • fellyx said:

    Thank-you very much for this. How will we know the respective university one has been admitted and the course one has been admitted to pursue so that we are able to revise the courses?

  • Admin (author) said:

    @Terry, Allan & Brian, Please refer to the most recent updates on this post.

  • Admin (author) said:

    @Amos: Well, I believe J.A.B has thought this through!

  • Admin (author) said:

    @Fellyx: JAB will avail this information, probably in the same way that they did for KCSE 2009 candidates here: http://www5.uonbi.ac.ke/partners/jab/searchchoices.php

  • mkale said:

    good job.thnx

  • ongeri k japheth said:

    thank GOD the day has come ,i feel lyk flyin,jab keep it up

  • Avril said:

    Thanx 4 the updates.Can one use the waiting card instead of identification letter from the headteacher?

  • ben said:

    Are the cut-off points for courses as released by JAB going to be available online? If so please post the link.

  • Admin (author) said:

    @Avril: That should work too.

  • Admin (author) said:

    @Ben, be sure that we shall post such links once they are available. Like we did for KCSE 2009 candidates here: http://www.thetimpata.com/2011/02/24/joint-admission-board-jab-2011-university-admissions/

  • Chama Joshua said:

    The move by the JAB is commendable since it hastens higher education and also helps students acquire knowledge earlier.Keep it up and HURAAAA

  • Agumba steven said:

    According to your publication only KU has made arrangements to admitt 2010 KCSE students do you mean the other universities will not manage it?

  • Eugene Seifer said:

    Ican see the gvt is tryn to do some good work.Keep it up.

  • Peninah said:

    I did my kcse last year and got an A- of 77 pts and I would really love to pursue a medicine course.Will it be possible since i’ve passed in the cluster subjects required as in will my aggregate points have any effect? pliz advise me coz am desparate

  • mercy said:

    Am soo happy,God knows how much iv been waiting for this response.God bless you.

  • Admin (author) said:

    @Agumba : NO. Other Universities could also be making their own arrangements but at only KU has publicly presented their plan for KCSE 2010 Candidates admissions. The others might be giving their plans in Soon, or so we hope.

  • tom kanza said:

    am very happy with jab

  • Agumba steve said:

    It is true that the course revision dates have been set but;1.can somebody who goes for revision be let down by the fact that he/she got 63 points and then JAB decides to raise it after revision? 2.Is there any requirement for revision ,I mean in terms of money or any other thing?

  • Admin (author) said:

    @Agumba Steve: Please check on the updates in the post above.

  • Agumba steve said:

    Where will the application forms be found?

  • Admin (author) said:

    The revision materials including the forms will be available at the revision centers.

  • Ellykibe said:

    Is it amust for someone to revise courses? If yes,what is the punishment given to him/her if he/she didn’t revise the courses?

  • Ben said:

    Can a leaving certificate substitute what JAB says, a letter of identification from a former school, for former students who don’t have a national ID card?

  • Admin (author) said:

    @EllyKibe: It is not a must that you revise your courses PROVIDED you are comfortable with the choices you made while in school. There is no ‘punishment’ for not revising your courses :)

  • Admin (author) said:

    @Ben: I bet it could.

  • Deno said:

    I have just been informed by the principal that our ealier applications of courses were spoilt and it is required that we re-apply them with 800/= in the school. So should i outgo revision of courses and do as i have been told by our principal?

  • Admin (author) said:

    @Denno: I advise that you follow what your principal says. If indeed they were spoilt, take no chances and go apply afresh.

  • fellyx said:

    Are the preliminary university admissions a reflection of the university one is to be admitted or what?

  • Admin (author) said:

    @Fellyx: Ideally yes. However the JAB database seems out of date as of now from what other users have reported (see the note in update 7 above). we hope JAB will correct this soonest.

  • Admin (author) said:

    < < admin 1 >>>We still have not seen an official user guide to assist interpret the information displayed by JAB’s system after you enter your index number.

    My closest guess on this is that currently, the system displays your choice of courses and Universities as you made them while still in high school (before the revision that is to take place as from 13th June 2011).

    Based on your results, the system calculates the weighted cluster points that you scored for each of the courses you selected.

    You should then compare your score with what that particular university you had chosen requires as the minimum cluster point for that course. Since we are yet to see the 2010 clusters, you could probably wish to compare with the 2009 cluster points available in the link in update 8 above. (also available here: http://www5.uonbi.ac.ke/partners/jab/files/JAB_Cut_of_Pointd_2006_2009.pdf) to see how you fair and whether you have chances of being admitted to that course.

    I am sure this will be clearer on Monday when the revision process begins.

  • Zakariya said:

    Timpata ur truly da best,tx a lot 4 da updates and providing answers to our questions.kudos

  • Wachira Kimani said:

    Thank u 4 ur good work,what will happen if u fail to go with neither an ID card nor a letter from the principal but you go with the waiting card

  • ENOCK said:

    hi timpata,basing my aguement on update 7,does it mean i can qualify for any of the given courses

  • Susan said:

    Bigups for the goodwork you are doing. I would like to enquire whether one can use his national id waiting card for revision since the ID is a requirement during revision of career choices on 13th.

  • kevin said:

    thats not a good idea. They should hav checked that accomodation is enough first.
    And what about the 09 candidates who hav already received the accomodation letters? Will we miss out to make rums available 4 2010 candidates

  • Admin (author) said:

    @Susan & Wachira: We hope JAB will accept the waiting card as a form of Identification.

  • Admin (author) said:

    @ ENOCK: NO! It means you check the cluster points indicated for each of the courses you chose, then compare this with the list of cluster points available in update 8 (those used in 2009, which can act as a good guideline to see how you fair and your chances of admission to that course)

  • Chama Joshua said:

    Please inform us of weighted cut off points for various courses for the year 2010 when they are released.

  • Admin (author) said:

    @Chama: It will be best now to get such information from JAB at the revision centers as from tomorrow 13th June 2011 since JAB officers will be available in all these centers.


    will their be carrier advicers at the revision centers?

  • enock nyagaka said:

    i have a problem with my browser, pliz send me the details of links in update 9,10 and 11 to my email coz they dont open when i try to click on them or give me a solution.thanks in advance

  • Admin (author) said:

    @Enock: Well yea but not as detailed and as personalised as you would wish due to the huge number of candidates expected.

  • Admin (author) said:

    @Encok: Please open the links in Mozilla Firefox. I am not able to send you the links and docs by email.

  • Aldrin said:

    I did my KCSE lst yr and got A- n 44.7 as cluster points,I did not do Physics as a subject but would like to do any of the medical courses which r possible with my cluster points.Am actually confused since most of the courses that I wanted r above my cluster points. I would like u to advise me if am able to try my luck and choose that course that I want even if I only missed the cut off points by 0.5.Please help me with your advise coz am very desparate.

  • McOsephs kimemiah. said:

    Thank you. Am a beneficiary.

  • Wachira Kimani said:

    While posting may u pliz post something which need not to b downloaded 4 some peoples phones r unable 2 do so 4 instance mine,or is there anything i can do to my nokia c1-01 to download de info. thank u

  • Babu said:

    am just afraid of what this revision is about

  • Admin (author) said:

    Well, you do not have to be afraid, find all the details you need here: http://www.thetimpata.com/2011/06/06/jab-announces-the-dates-for-revision-of-courses-for-kcse-2010-candidates/

  • Admin (author) said:

    @Wachira Kimani: Noted. Most of the content was in pdf format. You can successfully view this on a computer or an a phone with Adobe Reader installed.

  • Joseph Mwangi said:

    Thxs alot you have been of great help to me. you work is wonderful and helping many out there

  • Naomi said:

    I sat for KCSE in the year 2010 and attained A- of 77 points. My questions is, if am not able to revise my course on the given dates, can i do it in a later date lets say in July? Kindly advice.

  • Wachira Kimani said:

    We r having a problem here in nakuru,the student to b attended 2 are many but jab officials r few,they are also not serious e.g 2day they left early (1p.m ) without any apparent reason,wat shld we do,thank u

  • Admin (author) said:

    @Naomi: I am afraid that might not be possible. JAB has very strict deadlines.

  • Admin (author) said:

    @Wachira: Indeed there is problem in Nakuru, going by the reports we have received from students there. It appears JAB has not clearly thought out this process or they should remind their staff in Nakuru the TORs. I however appeal to JAB to understand that they are serving a whole province and they should expect and plan for a huge turn out of anxious students.

  • enock said:

    basing my quiz on update 14,does it mean that one can not be employed if he/she took the course.i chose 1 of the mentioned courses by ERB,WHAT CAN I DO?

  • Mark said:

    ,If i choose computer science at MOI, will I instead be taken to chepkoilel university college? Apparently thats wea school of sc,,,,,,,,,

  • Admin (author) said:

    @Enock: contact JAB to see whether you can be allowed further revision. If not, do an interfaculty transfer imediately after reporting to your college.

  • Admin (author) said:

    Moi University has a campus: Chepkoilel campus. You could be based there!

  • athi said:

    hi timpata!how can i apply for helb loan online?

  • kibe said:

    I’m a 201 candidate, can i start applying for HELB?

  • Osozi said:

    Will double intake be achived.

  • Admin (author) said:

    Please SEARCH in The Timpata for the words ‘HELB ONLINE’. There is an article on that in here..

  • Brian said:

    With engineering courses that were rejected are their any efforts made by the various universities affected coz we may change the courses then later learn that they were approved kindly update us rather than making unnecessary changes.

  • Peter kiringa said:

    Please jab advise me.I applied 4 the remarking of my kcse results 2010 and the results have changed, however the revision exercise has been closed n i want to revise my course. What can i do?

  • Joseph ondieki monyoncho said:

    Hi timpata,thanks a lot for u efforts to help the eagerly awaiting kenyan students.
    1)Am through with my revision and i filled 1(a) &1(b) only.is there any mistake on that?
    2)i have seen an announcement that there will b a double intake in moi un for law and engineering.when wil the selected 2010 students be receiving letters

  • Admin (author) said:

    @Peter Kiringa: I suggest that you contact JAB directly the soonest possible, either by phone or by a visit to their offices.

  • Tum said:

    Can a ksce 2010 candidate apply for helb loan when he/she hasn’t received an admission letter?

  • francis said:

    admin,when will jab release 2010 candidates admission letters?

  • Admin (author) said:

    @Tum: No. You can not apply for HELB without your admission letter since HELB needs evidence that have been admitted to a University.

  • Admin (author) said:

    @Francis: JAB does not issue admission letters. It is individual universities that issue admission letters. For the case of KCSE 2010 candidates, different Universities will have different resporting dates for them depending on how they organise their academic calendar to accomodate eht double intake.

  • Gracie said:

    Naw timpata kan i go n revise my courses with the people who hav bin kold up n am not öne of them aki am desparate 4 this aki plis can u ansa me lyk rt naw .thanx

  • Ben said:

    My siz wants to revise her course for the 2nd tym afta the 1st revision.can she accompany thos who had not qualify.i.e.,on 25th-30th,july?

  • Gracie said:

    Hae! I was jast wandaring hav u gotten any info to my previous quiz?

  • Admin (author) said:

    @Gracie: JAB has stated that ONLY candidates whose index numbers were published will be allowed to revise their courses. New applications too will be received. (New applicants are those applying for university admission for the very first time-i.e those who did not apply in while in school or during the first revision)

  • Gracie said:

    Thanx timpata alot

  • Admin (author) said:

    @Ben: Unfortunately No.

  • Admin (author) said:

    Welcome Gracie!

  • Cosmas said:

    Only 32000 out of 96000.does it mean that double intake will be only for those with top grades? If not what criteria is being used?

  • Tum said:

    What is jab doing about those engineering courses disqualified by ERB?

  • kevin said:

    why haven’t they given the number of candidates to be admited to JKUAT and it constituent colleges could it be amoung the universites not approved by ERB.

  • felix said:

    we are very thankful for the well done job by the timpata.pleasa inform as when 2010 kcse candidates admittedto uon are reporting

  • Isaac Gitau said:

    Am buffled and deeply worried as pwani university college have’t yet published their admission,or have they?
    pliz advice!

  • nujoma tadayo said:

    when will narok university admit kcse 2010 candidate.please help me

  • Hirkena said:

    Now that the tarmacking period have been reduced for KCSE candidates,is it that the KCSE results will be released ealier than before.

  • Wambua Anthony said:

    I came to know that I secured a place in Moi Uni. when are we reporting, are the calling lettes dispatched?

  • Martin pompi said:

    Good work guys,
    You have saved me a great deal of hustle!
    God bless..

  • moses kagose said:

    wen will be the revision of courses for the 2011 kcse candidates take place? please make me aware . thanks in advance for your wonderful job.

  • Admin (author) said:

    Moses Kagose, You can be sure The Timpata will keep you updated just like we did last year for the class of 2010.

  • » The Timpata » Joint Admissions Board (JAB); Revision of courses for KCSE 2011 candidates; Online revision of university choices KCSE 2011 candidates said:

    [...] The above information on previous years revision is obtained from The Timpata’s coverage of KCSE 2010 candidates’ revision of courses exercise which was done manually not online. [...]

  • Daviso said:

    Hi admin wen r 2011 kcse candidates.school of law joining ku.

  • Admin (author) said:

    @Daviso, KCSE 2011 candidates joining KEnyatta University will report on 10th September 2012.

  • Geoffrey Momoima said:

    I did ma 2013 kcse and scored a mean grade of B+ (73pts).i did all science and got an A in chem, A- in physics an a B+ in biology. maths- an A, Kisw. a B+, Geog. a B+, CRE a B+ an Eng. a B-. Can i fit Actuarial science or mechatronics course?

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