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KPLC Prepaid Meters: How to buy power units using M-PESA or ZAP.

3 June 2011 32 Comments
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You can now purchase power units for your KPLC prepaid meter using your phone! Here is how to buy Kenya Power & Lighting Company (K.P.L.C) power units on your mobile phone:

Using M-PESA:
Step 1:
Go to M-PESA menu and select “Pay Bill”

Enter the KPLC prepaid business number 88 88 80 and press OK

Step 3:
Enter the 11 digit  pre-pay meter number of your power meter that you wish to top up and press OK

Step 4:
Enter the amount of money you wish to spend to purchase the power units (between Ksh. 250 and Ksh. 35,000) and press OK.

Step 5:
Enter your M-PESA PIN and press OK. Confirm that all details are correct and press OK.

Step 6:
You will receive a confirmation SMS from M-PESA immediately indicating that indeed money has been transfered from your M-PESA account to purchase power units. Moments later you will receive another SMS with the 20 digit number which you are supposed to feed on your prepaid meter. (read how to load your meter at the end of this post)

Using Zap:

Step 1:
Go to Zap Menu

Step 2:
Choose Money option

Step 3:
Choose the Nickname option and enter MYPOWER

Step 4:
Enter amount of money you wish to spend to buy power units

Step 5:
Confirm transaction

Step 6:
Enter your Zap  password

Step 7:
Under Reference option, enter the full KPLC prepaid 11 digit meter number

You will then receive a confirmation SMS showing the amount spent in purchase of power units.

Moments later, you will receive a message from KPLC with the 20 digit code which you should key in on your meter. (read below)



On your meter, key in the 20 digit received by SMS from KPLC and press Enter key.

Look out for the following messages on your Meter:

“ACCEPT”: Meaning that the top up was successful and your units will be increased by the number of units you bought.

“USED” : Meaning that the 20 digit number has already been used.

“OLD”: Meaning that the 20 digit code is expired.

“EE EEE 13″: Meaning that you entered the 12 digit code wrongly

“REJECT”: Meaning that there is something wrong with the 20 digit code.



  • The message from KPLC at times takes up to 36 hours to be delivered! You therefore need to top up when you still have a few units left to avoid disappointment.
  • You may call KPLC Emergency assistance on 020 3 201 000  / 0711 031 000 / 0732 111 000
  • You may also buy power units from the following vendors:


  1. KPLC Stima Plaza 8:00 am – 4:30 pm - Stima Plaza
  2. KPLC Electricity House 8:00 am – 4:30 pm - Electricity House
  3. Uchumi Capital Center 8:00 am – 8:00 pm  - Mombasa Road
  4. Uchumi Ngong Hyper   8:00 am – 8:00 pm- Ngong Road
  5. Uchumi:  8:00 am – 8:00 pm - Langata Road
  6. Sarit Center KPLC office - 8:00 am – 4:30 pm –  Sarit Center
  7. Thika KPLC Office -  8:00 am – 4:30 pm - Thika

 <<UPDATE>> Kenya Power seems to be responding quite fast to querries posted on their facebook page. Click Here to follow the Kenya Power facebook page.

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  • John wahinya

    Kplc should have educated us adequately on the fact that when one buys units of smaller value one uses alot of money.for instance if u buy 200 worth of units u get 6.5 units,while when u buy 500 worth of units u get 45.5 units.this is not propotional and im dismayed

    • Admin

      @John Wahinya: The main reason for that (in quite simple terms) is because of the high fixed charges that are not pegged to consumption e.g fuel charge e.t.c When such charges are applied on a ‘small’ top up values, the amount left to buy power units is less than that left for power units from a ‘highier’ value top ups.

  • Mirriam Njeri

    I purchased my KPLC pre-paid token on sunday 12th June 2011 at 8.07am via M-Pesa code BL06MV843 and up to now have not received the token by sms from KPLC.

    I have made numerous calls to KPLC but all they do is put me on hold like forever and then make empty promises.

    Does anybody know what i should do. Do i just assume that the money is missing withing KPLC or what? Safaricom has confirmed that the money was transfered to KPLC.

    My meter no. is 01450193154 and i purchased token worth 350/-


    • Admin

      File your complaints / suggestions / compliments to KPLC by going to: http://www.kplc.co.ke/index.php?id=75
      Alternatively; Email, or call the KPLC Nairobi Call Centre & Branch Business Heads, get their contacts here: http://www.kplc.co.ke/index.php?id=50

    • Admin

      @Miriam Njeri: Sorry about that. Indeed these token can take long especially when purchased via M-PESA. I suggest that if you still have not received your token by the time you read this reply, kindly send us your mobile phone number by Email throught our ‘Contact Us’ Link (see at the top bar). We shall follow up on that.

  • Liz

    I feel Miriam since am in the same position, I thought the MPESA option was the fastest but it seems it will be days before I get my units which is quite unfortunate.

    • Admin

      @Liz: Indeed buying the units via M-PESA usually takes quite a while and might inconvenience you especially if you did not have some units to spare ad you wait.

  • Irene

    Yeah! I wish they had told us more info on using the m-pesa service.
    I tried buying one night at 230am when i suddenly woke up due to an asthma attack. I am still…waiting for the token number. surely…i will only buy from the KPLC offices. I was in total shock, using my phone, which fell into water as i was running around. I suddenly knew how to invest in an emergency lamp, which i have…
    There is also a problem if you buy then keep it for a rainy day, then someone else buys using m-pesa, the token bought earlier ends up being cancelled. surely…please walk, run, drive to the KPLC offices and buy your token only there.

  • Irene

    Nashukuru! Got this article is very informative, and on time for my July electricity budget – on avoiding the small top up values, to save.

  • piyush

    hi i want to know that. When will kplc start to instal the prepaid meters here in mombasa.

  • andrew

    the first time i bought units worth 250 kshs i was given around 23.6 units, the second time with the same amount i was given around 20.4 units and the third time with the same amount i was given 14 units. why the trend? same amount but different no. of units??? am shocked..

  • Marcos

    My balance just jumped from 5 to -ve 20! At night! Now says meter not activated! Mno.04216168130. Where do I get KPLC? What to da?

  • Rose

    Is there any other option of getting the token if the message gets deleted by mistake??? Calling your customer care agents for the same is not a very pleasant experience as they are very rude…

  • Kinyua

    Have always been purchasing my units via mpesa and has never taken more than 5min.

    Today am in the dark coz the system seems to have failed. Have also tried to call the emergency numbers and they are not going through.

    Its so frustrating!


  • Allan

    Am impressed guys..It took me less than 5 minutes to get my KPLC tokens at 10.30 pm today when i had panicked on realising i had only 5 units to go..KUDOS KPLC…In a small way,you are making a difference in how service delivery should be in our country!

  • Nick

    i have just purchased units through m-pesa for sh.500 and i was give 16.6 units while last time i bought the units over the counter for the same amount and i was given 31 units. can someone please explain to me this.

    • Admin

      @Nick..at times it is difficult to understand the computations behind the process. My best guess would be that for pre-paid mode of payment, any adjustment in the cost of power affect the number of units a certain amount can buy. But in your case however, that was a significant drop. Might want to visit a KPLC help desk.


    please explain why buying 50 or less , each unit is kshs 2.00 whereas if you buy more than 50 units up to 1,500units Kshs 8.00?

    and what does mean that units of less value are charged more?


  • Isabel

    I am currently sitting in the dark because my meter has ran out, i bought a token, kplc took my money from mpesa but they haven’t sent me the token yet. What i would like to know is why does it take so long for kplc to send the token??

  • Maritim

    I bought top up for ksh 270 via mpesa and after loading the number my units did not change and up to now when I load the number it shows used or error. Where did my money go?

  • mary

    i bought my units via mpesa this morning,i haven’t received the token.mpesa care centre told me they delivered the cash to kplc. Kplc customer care are not picking the calls. its now 10 pm in darkness and no token yet.what is this?!!!!

  • http://n/a DOUGLAS WARUI

    I bought 800 shs worth of units and money deducted from my m-pesa account but I have not receive the units yet.

    • Admin

      @Douglas, KPLC is yet to make the purchase of power units via M-PESA as efficient as many of us would want. My advice is, either purchase the power units from the outlets or if you wish to use M-PESA, ensure you have sufficient units remaining to cover for such delays.

  • Timothy

    Hi,KPLC i wanted to know whether one with a registered business can become an agent for selling the prepaid token and if so what are the appropriate steps to follow.Please i may want to become one of your agent.

  • http://www.tsc.go.ke Liliian

    Hie KPLC

    What are your charges per unit? anytime l purchase tokens am given different units thus in the same month or time. One time on January 10th l bought for Ksh. 230 was given 10 units, 15th January l bought for 200/= was given 21 units, 9th February, at 19.46 p.m. bought for 140/= was given 0.7,bought for 150/= on 19th February at 19.52 p.m. was given 16.2,on 18th feb, at 21.44 p.m. bought for 200/= was given 21 units, same day at 21.51 p.m. bought for 200/= was given 17.5 units.
    why is there such a big difference and why do the rates different

  • Japhet Kirimi

    Hi KPLC,

    I just feared my meter would run out without my notice after reaching 10 units and continued to buy a token using MPESA for sh.400

    Immediately MPESA sent a message that sh. 400 was transferred to KPLC (MPESA code: CC46AR195)

    After some 5 minutes i received a message from KPLC; this time not the 20 digit code but:

    “kshs 400 is not sufficient, please add kshs 3.2 to get Credit”

    I don’t understand what that means; can the admin tell me what the possible solution is; i have never received such again!!

    My meter no. 01450038649 and My phone no. 0720 995 487

  • Chistine N

    I bought a token worth 3000/- at 9am this morning and received an instant message that the money was transferred to KPLC, its now 12pm and i haven’t received the token number yet,still got no power, tried calling KPLC and they are not picking my calls after trying several times and finally getting through.

  • azza

    i just bought a token worth 500 through mpesa, but received a message from kplc saying that ksh400 is not enough, please add ksh 625. why is it ksh 400 and not ksh 500???

    i added money and bought another token worth ksh 500 and again kplc said it is not sufficient.
    what happened to my money??
    my meter no. is 01450370927


    Monday 27th Aug I purchased meter token via M-Pesa at 8.43 AM CO83UI948.
    By midday O inquired from KPLC HQ along Aga Khan Walk and was assured by end of day I would receive my token.
    up to today Friday, 31st i have not received it.I am very disappointed.
    kindly assist by loading my account 01450203441 or reversing the entry and sending me back my 500 bob.

  • Barbara king’oina

    How in the hell can I pay 1000/= for units then u give me 5.6 units!!! I will have to come to your offices personally and get my due rights and get my moneys worth!

  • Stephen

    Hope we can get more outlets to buy cash for the pre paid in CBD