Learn how to file Individual tax returns online.

16 May 2011 18 Comments

The annual income tax returns for the year 2010 are due on 30th June 2011. KRA’s online portal allows you to File Returns online. In this post, you will find user guides on how to submit individual annual tax  returns for year 2010.

Why do it now:
To submit returns online, you will need to have a special password assigned by the online system.  It’s therefore in order that you register for KRA’s online service and get a password early enough to avoid last minute rush.  Remember every person with a PIN is obliged to file the Income Tax returns whether you were employed in the year (2010) or not.

What you need:

To file returns online you will need:

  • PIN
  • Have a password for KRA online services portal.
  • Reference documents e.g p9 form from your employer for employment income and financial statements of any businesses that you own.

The user guides:

To get the Password for the online services, download the step by step user guide here. This user guide first describes how to get a PIN number (Till step 7)  then how to get the password(From step 8 onwards).

To file Individual Income Tax returns for the year 2010 online, get the user guide here.

In case you are unable to download these user guides, contact us and we shall email you copies of these user guides.


In the process of filing returns online, the online portal allows you to print the different forms that you fill before you hit the submit button. Its therefore advisable that you do this on a computer connected to a Printer or one which can save in PDF format for you to print later on.

Also be advised that the KRA Portal can be terribly slow especially on tax returns deadline dates in a month e.g 9th (PAYE deadline for employers monthly returns), & 20th(VAT & With holding tax returns deadline).

If you earned business income in the year 2010, it is advisable that you consult an accountant to prepare the financial statements for such that you can reduce your tax liability by taking advantage of all legal means of tax avoidance.


  • geofrey said:

    i have tried to fill my returns online and it is the 1st time since have been doing it manualy.thet problem arises when i hit the obligation page and it reads i have not chosen the obligation(IT1) as one of my obligation though i have modified the obligatio in my TFS.please help

  • Admin (author) said:

    @Geofrey, Please make sure you save the changes after adding your obligations. Also you try logging out after you save changes of the added tax obligation then logging in afresh.

  • mwanaisha said:

    on my side ev tried to file tax returns for my first time. but when i chose on Tax obligation type, it tells me that i have not registered on Tax Obligation. yet my PIN is regestered online. so how do i go about this.

    please help

  • Admin (author) said:

    @mwanaisha: You will need to add Income Tax (IT) as one of your tax obligations. This could be available under the tab that modifies your personal details e.g. addresses e.t.c.

  • mwanaisha said:

    ops! please what i meant is that i had already chosen the IT as my TAX Obligation. when i file returns, it tells me that i haven’t registered for any tax obligation.yet i had just registered (IT)before i begin the file returns process.
    pls help

  • echenze said:

    hi admin.am not employed and am a student bound to join campus later this year.the only reason i registered for a KRA PIN is so as to apply for the HELB loan.am i also required by law to file tax returns by June 30th? please help

  • Admin (author) said:

    @Echenze: If you applied for PIN this year (2011) you are not obliged to submit returns. The returns being submitted by 30th June 2011 are for the year ended 31st December 2010 and for those who had a PIN in 2010.

  • echenze said:

    thanks alot

  • peter said:

    Hi admin. i have already chosen my IT as my obligation. however when i file my returns online, it tels me that “…. the tax return ur filling is not registered as one of ur obligations. please register for tax obligations or call…”. please help

  • Rose said:

    Im looking for a password b4 ican file my returns online but it has refused. I already have a pin Wat do ido

  • Admin (author) said:

    @Rose: Sorry about that What exactly is the error you are getting?

  • Laug said:

    @admin am tring also to file the returns and they give me the same response that peter gets what to do

  • Laug said:

    @rose go to regestration then click on password for existing user then follow the instruction
    Rem to get the manuals

  • Admin (author) said:

    @Laug and ALL, Kindly give me the next 12 hours, due to rising concerns I am gathering information on this System and will be in a position to give better guidance on this issue. Kindly bear with us in the meantime.

  • Laug said:

    Pliz Admin what is the progress on that issue.

  • Mwalo said:

    I have tried to download the tax payer user software guide without success. It downloads upto about 60% and reports an error. This happens with all other user guides on the website.

    It is possible to receive an attachement via email of the guide or a manual copy of the guide from KRA offices?

  • albert orangi nyabwari said:

    are single salaried employees legible to file tax returns eg tsc employees?

  • josh said:

    Hi Admin,
    i got my pin number in the year 2006 January, am not employed and so have never submitted the said annual returns. my pin number is currently not online. am i liable for a penalty from KRA?, from when was i supposed to start submitting returns?

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