Application Procedure for student Loans: 2011/2012 Financial Year

29 April 2011 75 Comments

Persons currently in employment are in one of the following category of students who can apply for loan from Higher Education Loans Board (HELB) in the 2011/2012 financial year. How to apply for the student loan in the 2011/2012 financial year is explained right after:

1. Undergraduate govornment sponsored students in  public  unversities in the Eastern African Community

2.  Self-sponsored program in the public and private unversities in the Eastern African Community, which are recognised by the Commission for Higher Eduacation (Confirm here)

3. Self-sponsored employed/salaried persons (Contintuing education students)

NOTE: Those who sat for KCSE in 2010 or currently pursuing diploma, bridging or pre-university courses are NOT ELIGIBLE for the 2011/2012 loan.


  • The Loan application form is to be filled online on the HELB website  here. (Keep refreshing in case the HELB website is busy).
  • Print the form after filling it online
  • Open an account with any of the banks partnering with HELB in this process.
  • Submit the duely filled PRINTED  form to your bank branch for verification of the bank details and free delivery to HELB.
  • There is no application fee
  • The deadline is  31st July 2011.


  • The Loan application form is to be filled online on the HELB websiet  here. (Keep refreshing in case the HELB website is busy).
  • Print the form after filling it online
  • Open an account with any of the banks partnering with HELB in this process.
  • Submit the duely filled PRINTED  form to your bank branch for verification of the bank details and free delivery to HELB.
  • There is no application fee
  • The deadline is  31st July 2011.

  • The Loan application form is to be filled online on the HELB website  here. (Keep refreshing in case the HELB website is busy).
  • Print the duely filled form and submit to the board by hand or secure mail.
  • The deadline for submission is 30th April 2011.

    This is applicable to applicants who can demonstrate the ability to service the loan while studying in the Kenyan Public and Private Universities recognized by the Commission for Higher Education (Confirm here). The interest rate applicable is 12% p.a. Successful applicants will be required to start servicing their loans as they study  If interested:

  • The Loan application form is to be filled online on the HELB website  here. (Keep refreshing in case the HELB website is busy).
  • Print the duely filled form
  • Pay a non refundable fee of KES 2,000. by depositing it directly to the HELB account available on the online application form and attach the deposit slip to your application form 
  • Submit the PRINTED application form together with the deposit slip of the KES 2,000 attached by secure mail or deliver by hand to reach the board before 31st July 2011.
  • The deadline for submission is 31st July 2011.
  • ** Enquiries to: lending @ helb.coke


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    • Valerie said:

      This info was super helpful to me. Thanks alot.

    • Admin said:

      Welcome Valerie. I hope your loan application succeeds :)



    • Admin said:

      @Melea: At times HELB does not allot loans to all applicants. It might be necessary to follow up and/or appeal the decision of not awarding you a loan. If however you are a KCSE 2010 or 2009, it might still be early for you to be expecting the loan at this time.

    • ambet said:

      am confused here.some websites state that the deadline of submission of filled loan forms is 31 june.june has no 31st.so please confirm to me the real deadline date

    • Admin said:

      @Ambet, the deadline is 31st July 2011.

    • NYASH GACHERU said:

      Thanks! hope to succeed in this.

    • basho said:

      pliz i need assistance cause ave been applying but all in vain

    • Admin said:

      @Basho: I am not sure where exactly you are getting stuck. However some users were able to fix such problems by turning on the CAPS LOCK (on your computer keyboard) when filling in your details. It might work for you as well.

    • George said:

      Am a 2009 KCSE JAB student.i sent my helb forms on 1st july but i have not goten any respönse 4rm helb.wat may b the problem?

    • Edith said:

      Kindly inform me what is the importance of loan review form after you have been awarded loan

    • irene said:

      How do you treat the private university students ? I am in KCA University Nairobi Campus sat for my KCSE in 2009 but i have not found any feedback about the loan i applied from you.Please help me know where the problem is.

    • Emmanuel said:

      I did kcse in 2010. Av bn selected 2 do civil eng. in MOI. We r suposed 2 repot on 26th sep, yet i havent applied 4 the loan, wat do i do?

    • whatif? said:

      i dont have the national identification card (ID). does this mean that it is not possible for me to get the loan?

    • Mustafa said:

      Am a jab sponsered student.Did my KCSE in the year 2009 but i failed to apply for my HELB loan since my id application was underway-couldnt get the print out.Can apply with the 2010 candidates?Can i also use my birth certificate if my id has not been given a number?

    • Admin said:

      Hi Mustafa: You need to have your ID card number to apply for HELB. Please read on how you can get an alternative for you here: http://www.thetimpata.com/2011/05/26/how-to-transact-e-g-apply-for-h-e-l-b-loan-using-your-waiting-card/

    • gmoh said:

      Hi admin,hav waited tirelessly 4 UoN 2 announce the reporting dates of 2010 students of which they haven’t.PLEASE inform us;try & give the probable dates.

    • alexis said:

      Hi admin, kindly tell us 2010 KCSE candidates when will we be eligible to apply for the loans as some of us have already joined our various universities.Also include the application deadline. Thanks.

    • mwangi cornelius said:

      hey am cornelius
      i have been trying to download the helb application form for continuing students but the site is not loading.

    • LINET said:

      Hi Adm. if i want to apply for the loan being aprivate university student when should i make the applications for 2011/2012 academic year?

    • molly said:

      when is the deadline for the application of the year 2013?please help.

    • Jane said:

      Hi admi could u please kindly clarify 2 me whether it’s true that the deadline 4 applying helb is 31 jan 2012 as some pple sprending the rumour 4 2010 jab students

    • cheruiyot amos kibet said:

      when is the exact dateline for second time/subsequent applicants?

    • evelyn said:

      i have made mistake on my form twice.why is it impossible to download it a third time?

    • agusto said:

      hi admin just wanted to know the deadline for submitting helb forms this year 2010… because i have heard the rumour that it will be 31st this year…
      is it true

    • agusto said:

      hi i meant 2010 candidates…this year 2012

    • Admin said:

      @Agusto: The deadline for KCSE 2010 candidates has not been set as yet.

    • Martin mwangi said:

      Hi,am martin i applied for helb loan jan2012.when can i probably get my loan? Am in chepkoilel university college

    • kenn said:

      am a 2010 kcse candidate applying for helb and am actually floating.does it mean that i can still submit my form and be considered?

    • Mustafa said:

      I did my KCSE in 2009 qualified under Jab but unfortunately i couldn’t apply for the loan coz of very many unavoidable circumstances…anyway i would like to apply 4 the loan,so how do i go about the all process…. Coz the forms only have the option 4 2010 class….

    • dantez said:

      Hae admin.i need your help in this.i am a 2009 student and i failed to apply for the helb at the right time.am a second year at the moment self sponsored. What is the procedure for me to apply

    • Admin said:

      @Dantez, Just apply following the procedure of a first time applicant.

    • Admin said:

      @Mustafa, it might help visiting the HELB offices to check on what options exist for you.

    • david ntiaki said:

      iam currently a student at the university of nairobi{kenya science campus} sat 4 kcse 2010.applying 4 helb loan now. how about that?

    • agusto said:

      HI admin…ma first queery is can an applicant parents be the guarantors at the same time.. and
      secondly what would happen if ma advocate ddnt sign but she happened to have rubber stamped on the papers…..

    • agusto said:

      I MEAN if an error happens on the helb form …do they resend the form or does an applicant have to download another form..?

    • Laura said:

      Hi I sat 4 my exam in 2010 n am currently applying 4 a loan but am havin difficulties acquiring my kra pin yet i have all the requirements.What could be the problem?

    • Admin said:

      Hi Laura, what error are you getting?

    • Sawe enock said:

      can i access the helb loan with a B-,in 2011
      because i have not had the required resources since then

    • fred said:

      when are you going to open for undergraduate for loan since it had been closed.

    • Mutema said:

      Hi admn.
      I hav been awarded a loan of which to mi the amount is insufficient. Plz advice on when and how to appeal. Thanks

    • Tum said:

      What does one do if you havent been awarded a loan? Could it mean you gave wrong info? If so what should i do to be awarded a loan?

    • Admin said:

      @Mutema, it is unlikely that you will succeed in such an appeal, given that there are some who did not even get. My advice is you seek alternative means of funding e.g from your CDF kitty to top up your deficit.

    • Admin said:

      @Tum, It could mean that. HELB has an appeal process. Please visit their offices for details.

    • ALEX said:

      Hi admin, I applied for the helb loan late Dec 2011 since I was joining campus in Jan 2012. I have not yet received my loan disbursement while late applicants than myself have. Wat shud be ma next line of action? If you cud reply also via my email. Thanx n may timpata excel.

    • Admin said:

      Check for your loan status as detailed on The Timpata here: http://www.thetimpata.com/2009/08/18/checking-your-helb-loan-disbursement-status-higher-education-loans-board/

      Then you may choose to appeal or visit HELB offices for further guidance.

    • kenneth nyambu said:

      am a self sponsored student in kenyatta university joined during the 2011/2012 academic year from the 2008 kcse class.I wanted to inquire when i can be able to apply for a loan?

    • Andrew said:

      Yap admn,i found it stated that31 2011,jully was the deadline for self sponserd first time,is it to mean that first time self sponsered have not been given a thing for this year 2012? If yes when will they be given?thanks.

    • conrados said:

      what is the difference between Registration/Admission Number( as indicated on your admission letter) and Registration Reference Number ( as indicated on your admission letter)since what we have from uon is only the later or are they the same?

    • Admin said:

      Your registration number for UON has the format D33/2469/2005, where the first part (D33) denotes your faculty, second part (2469) is your unique number and third part (2005) is the year of admission. As such the 3 parts make up your registration number. If there is such a number in your notification letter, that is your admission number.

    • Mustafa said:

      Am a jab first applicant,i had just created an account with Helb and saved the info.Now when i try to log in to finish and print there is a short message that frustrate me that(INVALID CREDENTIALS)….I have tried logging in with the same password but am not moving….What can i do please?And when is the deadline for submission of the forms?

    • MAINA M said:

      Hi Admin, my helb disbursement status indicates that i have been awarded helb loan.However,the loan has not been deposited into my account.It is now two months since the loan was disbursed.Please,what might be the reason.

    • Admin said:

      Please contact any nearest branch of your bank and aske if they have received the HELB funds for other student. At least you will be able to know if it’s only you alone.

    • BRIAN said:

      Hi Admin I sat for my KCSE in 2010.Ive been called for a regular admission and my question is when is the HELB deadline.

    • philemon kiprotich said:

      I Had apply for helb loan last year December but i was told to appeal.what is the proceedure of appealing.please notify me .

    • awesome site said:

      I have not checked in here for a while because I thought it was getting boring,
      but the last few posts are good quality so I guess I’ll add you back
      to my daily bloglist. You deserve it my friend :)

    • wambui said:

      i completed high school in 2007 am i qualified for a loan.

    • J said:


    • Helb forms | Johannashope (author) said:

      [...] The Timpata » Application Procedure for student Loans: 2011/2012 …Apr 29, 2011 … The Loan application form is to be filled online on the HELB website here. …. Am a 2009 KCSE JAB student.i sent my helb forms on 1st july but i … [...]

    • Steven Odhiambo Onyango said:

      Am steven odhiambo onyango ID NO. 26552273.I’m an orphan since form two,my schooling has been possible just due to support from well wishers who are currently not in a position to offer assistance to me.I had presented to you a death certificate for consideration,during disbursement of the loan,I am waiting to see my case being considered.I’ve seen a disbursement of 26000/- to my account and I cant tell if its for the whole year or for the first semester because it is indicated.Please I am requesting that the description be clear if its for the first semester or not.Thank you very much.

    • brenda mielizu adanga said:

      hi i applied for a loan earlier this year and i have not received yet i applied ealy this year i would like to get for the next semester and other semesters i didnot get

    • Admin said:

      @Brenda, please consider lodging an appeal with HELB.

    • Mukoya Catherine said:

      I applied for higher education loan last year but up to now there has been no response even after appealing. Please what could be the problem?

    • DENNIS K. N. said:

      Am a 2010 KCSE candidate, i applied for HELB loan but was given zero 0 ksh.
      I have tried to access my HELB account to access the loan appeal forms but what I get id that I do not have an account with them.

      Should I open another account using the same ID number I used last year?

      Will I be given a loan this time?

      Am finding it hard to fund my education.

    • George oduor odhiamb said:

      Hi admin i had applyd ma loan en then they send me a mail dat i sent my dads copy of id en in real sense i cant find ma dady is dea a wei i can be given da loan without dat copy

    • K ONYANGO ISAAC said:

      I tried applying and at first things went well until there was power shortage so i didnt log out. since then my web page has never opened.Am a jab student and i dearly needed the loan and the deadline is past.Am to report on 3rd sept. if you could be of help please? Can i still get the loan?

    • christopher said:

      i applied 4 a loan 4 the 2012/2013 academic yr bt now wen i try to check my disbursement status it is sayin wrong credentials or i never applied.is it another way of saying i was not awarded???

    • Adeline said:

      I am self-sponsored employed, how do i go about this, i am continuing my studies in MKU and starting this september. How do i go about it or when can i apply for a loan? Help.

    • Diana Awuor said:

      i sat for my kcse in 2010 applied for helb and was not given im trying to get the appeal form online and i have not managed how do i get it?

    • allan said:

      kindly let me know the deadline for submission of HELB loans forms.
      wait eagerly for reply.

    • celestine said:

      am first time helb loan applicant but whenever i try to download the undergraduate forms am told they are closed now wtat is the deadline for 2013 applicants?

    • Hillary jumba said:

      What is wrong with second and subsequent loan form downloads?

    • Rens said:

      If you miss the loan on the first attempt, what should one do? Apply for the subsequent loan hoping you will get this time round or is it better to appeal?

    • victor mollo said:

      Am currently astudent at the university of narobi,JAB sponsored.i Had been awarded the HELB loan but this is not enough.How may i appeal for an increment and by what procedure.Thanks.

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