How to replace lost certificates issued by KNEC.

21 February 2011 66 Comments

It is possible to replace your certificates e.g KCPE  and KCSE certificates.

All you need to do download and fill an application for replacement of lost certificates. Download the application form here.

You will need to attach the following documents:

  1. Copy of the certificate(s) or results slip(s)
  2. Letter of recommendation from head teacher of school attended or from PDE/DEO for private candidates and for candidates whose schools have closed down
  3. Sworn legal affidavit on identity of applicant
  4. Letter of recommendation from employer where applicable
  5. Police Abstract indicating loss of certificate(s)
  6. Knec Bank Deposit slip(Original)
  7. Copy of National Identity Card (ID)

The fees required for Replacement Certificate is Ksh 5,000.00 per certificate. Fees are payable at the KNEC collection accounts at the following banks:

  • Equity Bank
  • National Bank of Kenya
  • Co-Operative Bank of Kenya
  • Kenya Commercial Bank

KNEC pay-in slips are available in these banks.


  • patrick said:

    am unable to download application form for a lost certificate. please assist

  • Admin (author) said:

    Please find the application form here: http://www.thetimpata.com/downloads

  • Abdi said:

    Please if u may know, how long does the process of replacing the knec certs take?

  • morris njuguna mwainari said:

    This money is too much not every person can afford this amnt!Hope its the legal amount and a receipt is issued!We should take care of poor childrens they are also people why oppress them?

  • opiyo rose achieng said:

    i lost my result slip as i sent it to kenya from germany it never reached home i live in germany and my dad said the police can not help me i have only the slip what can i do to get it pliz help

  • Admin (author) said:

    I am sorry about the unfortunate incident with your result slip.

    I however believe that you have with you your certificate (KCPE/KCSE). If not, this can be collected from your former school and will act just as good as your result slip, actually will be better than a result slip in representing your academic achievements.

    If you still need to replace the result slip. There is a bit of a challenge. First I will need to check whether KNEC replaces result slips. The other challenge is that Ideally you should have reported to the Kenya Police and get a police abstract. Then download and fill a form availabe at the KNEC website.
    In your case, the slip got lost in international transit. I am not sure whether that is within the jurisdiction of the Kenya Police.

    However, I would like to know whether you have any documentation showing the document was lost e.g from thhe courier company you used. If so, this could surfise for the replacement.

    Kindly let me know whether you are okay with the certificate option. If not, kindly let me know whether your have any document evidencing the loss. We will then find out from KNEC how best we can help you.

  • patrick said:

    is it possible to replace a certificate that was lost many years ago. ‘She’ did form four exam in 1980s but lost the original certificate. later she got married but did not know the right procedures or chanels to follow. she thus gave up and remained with her leaving certificate as the only evidence that she went upto form4. please assist as much as you can because jobs have been coming on her way but CANT ACCESS THEM. She is my ………….

  • Admin (author) said:

    @Patrick, I believe it is possible, you however need to produce evidence of loss e.g a police abstract. If this is not available, simply pay a visit wto KNEC, I suggest you go with a letter from the principal of the Secondary school where she attended confirming she was indeed a student there. You may then explain your case to KNEC. Their contacts are

    Head Office
    National Housing Corporation (NHC) House,
    Aga Khan Walk,
    Tel:+254 020 246919 / 020-247204
    Fax: +254-020- 226032

  • Nancy said:

    I too think the 5000 is way too much. For a government service?? Its not fair to the common mwananchi and u ignoring to address a similar opinion suggest you agree!? Its not to cover for production coz its just a piece of paper

  • Mathias said:

    Thanks a lot, what if you don’t have a copy of the certificate?

  • john said:

    I think Ksh.5000.00 is quite high I kindly request that you consider lowering the rate since most kenyans live below the poverty line and it is not the wish of anyone to lose the same.

  • kaffie said:

    My goodness!!!!! 5k…………… that’s absurd. Why is the amount that high?????? I needed to replace my kcpe and kcse certificates that I lost in Eldoret in 2007!!! But 10k…………. too much. You should reduce the cost!!

  • sonie said:

    Hey. i appreciate the information. I have been wondering what to do. I lost my KCSE certificate after my luggage was stolen enroute from campus to kenya. I have my A-Level certificate though. However i would like to have it too just incase it is needed. Nevertheless The amount being charged is too much. I am looking for a job as of now and i cannot afford that much.Please address this.

  • samora said:

    hy,i lost my form four certificate last year in a fire tragedy,is it a must for me to process this in nairobi and not from any other town?and were do i get the knec bank deposit slip?

  • labonte said:

    how long does it take to get the certificate/

  • Nasra said:

    I want to change my names of technical certificate to appear like those in my kcse certificate.what can i do?

  • sostena k. Ntabo said:

    i lost my kcpe certificate how long can wait after applying for replacement. and please how do i get the sworn in affidavit one of the requirements. Thanks hope to hear from you soonest.

  • Irene Atieno said:

    I lost both my KCPE/KCSE, i got married then i changed my last name, do i need same requirement or is there any difference?

  • Brian Charo said:

    I had entrusted one of my older siblings to take care of all of my academic documents after form 4 when I was still up-down in search of some casual employment in a far away town.

    Then an opportunity came my way and was taken to TTC. I graduated in 2010, with the hope of securing government employment soon afterwards. When I got home, I was shocked to realise that my KCPE certificate, which is one of the major documents required before one is absorbed by TSC, had gotten lost. I am very far from Nairobi and am in dyer need of the document. Where do I get the affidavit? Kindly assist. Thanks a lot in advance.

  • Maureen Onkeo said:

    i lost my KCSE&KCPE certificetes. Are letters of prove from former schools important coz i think the fact that i sat for exam is evident in the KNEC system. am in Msa en schooled in Western en Nyanza. Travelling charges are high having that i’ll pay a fee of 10k

  • alex nyambuka kiyondi said:

    i lost my 2004 kcse certificate as i was travelling to my district level where recruitment of kenya police task was held.since the then time i have been making prior follow ups of recovering it but no succession.my kindful appeal to is that am apartial orphan, operating from apoor, polygamic,eloaded family, married and blessed with two children who wholly depend on my care for them. so i humbly dre to request you to help me recover the certificate. Our mighty thy above bless us all.amen. my contacts are 0700889093/0704647516.Gode day.success in you routineous undertakings.

  • Admin (author) said:

    Hi Alex, I suggest that you try the procedure above. I believe it will work out for you.

  • Evelyn said:

    I had school fees arrears and i was not given my kcpe certificate/result slip and the school later closed,i want to register for the form four exam and i was told i have to have the kcpe result slip how do i go about it?and how long will the procedure take because i have a week to register for the kcse exam?

  • Admin (author) said:

    You will need your KCPE certificate. Please seek the intervention of the District Education Officer (DEO) of the area where your primary School is. Please do this soonest since the deadline for KCSE 2012 registration is only a few days away.

  • Caroline said:

    I lost my KCSE certificate some years ago and have only my result slip. Currently am not in Kenya and am in need of the certificate in applying for higher learning abroad. How can I be assisted since its cost a lot to travel.

  • Getrude Gatwiri said:

    ISat for my k.c.p.e in the year 2000,i resat in the year 2001.I never went to pick my certificates until this year when on arriving to my former school i was shocked to realize that someone forged my signature and picked my two kcpe certificates.Iam a trained teacher and i needed to register with TSC. But its impossible due to the absence of kcpe certificates.please help me get my certificates.

  • azenah Hamisi said:

    Hey! I lost everything i don’t even have the copies of both the kcse and kcpe documents what do i do

  • JOHN said:

    amount asked is too high to raise for job seekers. ask for lesser amount

  • JOHN said:

    amount is too high

  • Admin (author) said:

    You might have to travel to get start the process of certificates replacements.

  • Admin (author) said:

    The school is obliged to give you your results slip, or explain where it is. If not please let them advise you how they can help you get it.
    If no help is forthcoming from the school, you can visit the area education officers e.g.the DEO (District Education Officer) for assistance.

  • Mary kimani said:

    I did my kcse exams last year, when i went to pick my result slip i was told that it is not there… I need it badly,what do i do?



  • Admin (author) said:

    @Ogambo Raphael Owino: Sorry for that unfortunate incident. However I believe KNEC should be in a position to replace your result slip or give any other notification showing your results. However, I noted that you only lost your result slip. That means you can still Use your certificate e,g your KCSE certificate. Remember that the results slip is not a certificate on its own right.

  • Admin (author) said:

    @Diana Atieno: I suggest that you visit the District Education officer of the area you currently reside in to see what options you have before you seek to replace your certs.

  • DIANA ATIENO said:

    hi i sat for my kcse in 2001 and i had some problems there after i went to look for a job in the far east but now am back i went to the high school that i was i found that it was closed and now it is a university. I wanted to get my certificate i had not taken it i only took my results slip how can i be assisted to get my certificate kindly i applied for a job and i have been called for an interview and the requirements is that i produce my original certificate how can i get my certificate pls am in need of it now or should i apply for a replacement

  • Mary Wairimu said:


    I have just realized that all my certificates including, KCPE , KCSE, birth certificate, bachelor degree cert, transcripts have all been damaged badly by water. I had left all these behind when I went outside the country only to be shocked after I needed them to apply for my Masters. What do I do and where do I start? Is there anything I can do while m still oversees.

    Your response will be highly appreciated. Thanks

  • Admin (author) said:

    Mary Wairimu. Unfortunately in your absence it might be difficult to have this done by a third party.

  • Peter kamau said:

    how long does it take to get back your certificate after you have followed the procedures pls.

  • Steve M said:

    Hey. I cleared high school in 2004, but had no access to my result slip nor my KSCE certificate due to high fee arrears. Can i still get a copy from KNEC despite this? Thanks.

  • Admin (author) said:

    @Steve M, KNEC replaces only lost certificates, in your case, you will not be able to get a police abstract for their ‘loss’. So you can not get a copy from KNEC.

  • Fred said:

    Hi,how long does it take to replace a kcpe certificate?

  • uwar james said:

    Hi, i lost my kcse certificate in uganda where i’m currently living.please tell me how i can obtain a sworn legal affidavit and a police abstract. Ad how long does it take to replace the certificate?

  • Admin (author) said:

    @Uwar James, Please contact the Uganda police and explain your case. See if they can be of help in providing you with these documents.


    i have a doughter but was born out of wedlock.Her mother went and married to another man and stayed with my doughter without my information.I din’t want to interfere with there marriage conserning this girl.After the result of kcpe they were anable to meet the expence of schoolfees,so they decided to bring her back to me and i managed to take her to high school.She is now in form 2.The problem is that i want KNEC to assist me on how ican change his names to appear the way i want coz i already aquared the affidavit from the magistrate coat and have also changed the names from the registrer of births.Now the problem is with KNEC.I am a moslim and her mother was christian so i want her to have a moslim name to appear on all her certificates and he can be able to enjoy my benefits as the children i have.Thanks in advance.

  • Admin (author) said:

    @Mohammed Nondow. Please consider visiting KNEC offices for assistance. It is possible to change these details.

  • JAMES said:

    Hi!I want to apply for a KCSE Certificate,for how long does it it to process one from the date of application.plz give me a rough estimate ist a week,two weeks,a month or three months.plz advice

  • Felix odhiambo said:

    My former school closed down bt i hve polce abstract to prove my docs burnt,i also have photocopy of my kcse certificate,what other process do i have to go through and how long will it take to get new one, after am thru wth the process?thanx

  • Vincent m.thuva said:

    I aplied for statements of examination results from knec,my employer doesnt recognise them and yet copies of the statements were given to them,from hqs nairobi to district level.they need original! how do igo on to acquire replacement?

  • Vincent m.thuva said:

    While waiting fo ua good answer so imay take necesary coz of action,why does my administers not trust guinine result statements from knec the original markers trusted by every government institute?

  • matthew muendo said:

    admin, my kcse cert was burnt in my former sch before i could collect it. I want a replacement. What is the procedure and where can i visit for assistance

  • Benard said:

    How long does it take to get a replacement certificate after application?

  • kevin khisa said:

    i have a fee balance at my former school so I cannot get my result slip yet I have to register at the university.how can you help so that i continue with my studies because i am unable to clear my school fees. Please help.

  • Martin said:

    Hi admin,i lost both my kcpe slip and certificate during the post election violence.can i still replace the certificate?

  • Paul Mbugua said:

    When do we expect the 2011 KCSE certificates to be released?

  • Admin (author) said:

    @Martin, Yes you can, please follow the process above.

  • Caro Shiko said:

    hi admin ,am living in sweden and i lost all my certificates and results slips for both primary which was in 1981,and secondary in 1985, and A,levels in 1988 pls can u advice me on how to recover ths docs, and whether they can post for me here in sweden ,thanks n waiting for your reply soon

  • Caro Shiko said:

    also i dont have copies of the cerficates and result slips please advice

  • david k menja said:

    I am an IT student and i lost my module ll certificate(diploma in information communication technology),and for the replacement tequrement a copy of the lost certificate is needed of which i dont have,how can i get this certificate please and if it is possible how mush shall it cost me.MENJA

  • James Wainaina said:

    Hi admin, please be clear with the issue of KCSE result slip replacement because i am a victim of that….My KCSE knec Result Slip together with other documents got destroyed with fire and i need to replace it

  • jemmy said:

    admin am a victim of post election violence and am unable 2 raise dis amt coz dont hve evn a job can i gt with 3k?

  • Hilda said:


    I lost my K.C.S.E certificate late last year.

    I have obtained the abstract and sworn an affidavit,HOWEVER I do not undertsand what the letter of recommendation from my former school headteacher is all about.Are there any specific contents it should have?

    And for those who are self-employed we dont have the letter of recommendation by employer.So Can we do away with this?

    kindly advise

  • timothy museve said:

    I lost both my kcse and kcpe certificates and i want to replace them, am i suppossed to pay for each 5000 or i suppossed to pay 5000 for both.

  • grace said:

    How long does it take to get the certificate replaced

  • Shem Oyamo said:

    i lost all my docs in the clashes.
    Went back to ma former schl to get my index no but all docs were burnt dwn during a strike.
    How do i therefore get a replacement without any cert copy?

    I sat for my kcse in 1987 at chulaimbo sec school.

  • ISAKO HUKA said:

    hi I completed my kcse 2011 bt our certificate for the entire class has been return to jogoo house because it doesn’t bear our photo so I was told to go to jogoo to get my certificate .what can I do pliz kindly help

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