How to register KCSE 2011candidates online.

5 February 2011 24 Comments
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All secondary schools are required by the Kenya National Examination Council (K.N.E.C) to register their candidates for Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (K.C.S.E) 2011 online through K.N.E.C’s online examination registration system. You can download a  user manual for this system from K.N.E.C’s website. If  you are unable to download from the K.N.E.C website, contact The Timpata and we shall email you an alternative link to view or download the manual.

This new system is meant to be used by K.N.E.C Examination centers to register candidates for K.C.S.E 2011.

To use this systems, centers must have access to a computer which should be installed with the following software programs;

  • Windows operating system.
  • Microsoft office
  • Internet connection

Registration process has four simple steps;

  1. Step 1: Visit the K.N.E.C website and register your Center
  2. Step 2: Download the candidates’ registration application
  3. Step 3: Fill the candidates details to create the registration file
  4. Step 4: Login into the KNEC website and Upload the registration file and candidates’ photo

Once logged on, the centers can also edit candidates’ details (already registered candidates), or register additional candidates, view or download:

  • Nominoll roll
  • Photo register
  • School invoice.

Candidates can also confirm if registered, through the KNEC Website. (Confirmation does not require login i.e. username and password)

This application is only available up to last day of the Registration period which is 30th March 2011. Those registering after the period will be deemed to be late and be made to pay a penalty, but only until 15th April 2011. Remember the cost of late submission for Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) has  been doubled from Sh1,000 per subject to Ksh. 2,000 per subject.

>>Read on how to check  JAB 2011 university admissions online for KCSE 2009 candidates here: http://www.thetimpata.com/2011/02/24/joint-admission-board-jab-2011-university-admissions/

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  • gc


  • Alex

    is there any provision for passport to register for KCSE

  • nicholas

    Would you mind sending me a link for the registration document. (Kcpe registration.mdb) i am trying to download but its been hard for me
    thanks in advance

    kind regards


    Good to provide easy link.How about access of all university admissions 2011 list?

  • Admin

    @Manyara, Thank you for your suggestion. You can check what University you have been admited to online from the Joint Admissions Board website. See how to do it in The Timpata here: http://www.thetimpata.com/2011/02/24/joint-admission-board-jab-2011-university-admissions/

  • http://kyusomaarifa.blogspot.com John Njue

    I have registered KCPE candidates but i have realized that there are few mistakes here and there. When i go to “edit existing candidate(s)” i get a blank fields. i expected to get the data that i entered for that candidate so that i can make changes to the affected field(s)

    Please help

  • Admin

    @John Njue, the best way to do it is for you to open the MS Access file. Then export the file again and upload it afresh. Try this.

  • Kate

    I have uploaded allthe data on the registration form for all the students but the export key isnt working. how should I upload.

  • Admin

    Hi Kate, please ensure that you have keyed in the birth certificate numbers fr all candidates. For candidates without birth certificates, enter 11 or 00. Then try and export again. The exported file will be saved in drive C: as a .dll file.

  • Admin

    Many have observed that once you upload the photos in a zipped file, you are not able to generate a photo register immediately. KNEC has advised that you do not have to submit the photo register together with the nominal roll to the DEO. This is a message being displayed on the site as you upload the photos. I suggest that once you see this message, print a screen shot of it and keep it as evidennce to anyone who questions the absence of the photo register.

    A screen shot means you capture the screen as it appears and save it as an image.

    This is how you take a screen shot:

    i) Ensure you are on the KNEC website on that page displaying the message about the photo register. Press ‘Prt Sc’ Key on your computer (usually on the F1-F12 raw of keys)

    ii)Open a blank Microsoft Word document

    iii) Right click on the empty document and select paste.

    That is it!

    An Image of the KNEC website with the message will be pasted on this MS Word document and you can then print it.

  • Kate

    Thank you did that and it worked. My big problem is that I can upload the photos have zipped them and when I click on upload it searches then at the end it show no connection. please help how do I upload photos

  • bor jeff

    is a university college in kenya allowed to give its own degrees e.g seuco

    • Admin

      @Bor Jeff, a University College does not give its own degrees. It usually awards them from a mother University for a while until it gets its own Charter

  • http://hildaharris.com/blog/ pl3453 understand th1s

    Your short post » The Timpata » How to register KCSE 2011candidates online. is excellent. I consider this is certainly among the most valuable articles for me. I’d been checking this blog and I’m fascinated. I can’t wait to read a lot more coming from you simply because this is actually a wonderful web site. I’ll book mark your website and also verify again here frequently.

  • http://www.edulifes.weebly.com TYSON

    thanks for your services, i wuld like to know when this years KCSE and KCPE online registration. and also when will KNEC website be updated.

  • http://Osmabiladin@yahoo.com Jonh kisu

    I wnt to know when registration start in this year 2012

  • mary

    kindly let me know when the registration for KCSE candidates 2012 begins.Thanks

  • http://vchispine@gmail.com chris

    i have been working for tee year but i feel like i want to repeat in form four this year at secondary education, i have no money to pay for fees in any education . fill like going to university to graduate after my hard working , what will i do to repeat back to form for so that i can work hard in university after my qulification in secondary school in end of 2012?

    • Admin

      @Chris, That’s a bold move. I advise that you consult your local area education officer for advice on how to go about that.

  • francis

    how does one resize the photos exactly to the required 45mm x 35mm as required in the manual. thanks

    • Admin

      HI Francis, you will need to be familiar with applications such as photoshop. You might need to consult an expert in photography…you could start by consulting people with photo studios who take passport size photos.

  • simon

    Why is it that I have sent the centre no. to get the password to log on with but the response is that the format that am using is wrong yet am using the correct format. Our center is new and we are registering for the first time. Any help is welcome please.