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How to register KCPE 2011candidates online.

5 February 2011 92 Comments

Kenya National Examination Council (K.N.E.C) is registering K.C.P.E 2011 candidates online on pilot basis. You can download the user manual from the  K.N.E.C. website . If unable to download from the site, contact The Timpata and we shall email you an alternative link where you can download the manual.

To use this exam registration system, your computer should be installed with the following software programs;

  • Windows operating system.
  • Microsoft office
  • Internet connection

Registration process has four simple steps;

  1. Step 1: Visit the K.N.E.C. website and register your Center
  2. Step 2: Download the candidates’ registration application
  3. Step 3: Fill the candidates details to create the registration file
  4. Step 4: Login into the KNEC website and Upload the registration file

Once logged on the K.N.E.C. website, the centers can also edit candidates’ details (already registered candidates), or register additional candidates and view or download the nominal roll.

Candidates can also confirm if they registered, through the K.N.E.C. Website, . (Confirmation does not require login i.e. username and password)

This application is only available up to the last day of the Registration period (30th March 2011). Those registering after the period will be deemed to be late and be made to pay a penalty, but only until 15th April 2011. Remember the cost of late submission for Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (K.C.P.E) has  been doubled from Sh500 per subject to Ksh. 1,000.

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  • kennedy said:

    want to down load user manual for k.c.p.e registration 2011

  • Admin (author) said:

    @Ken download it from the KNEC website: http://www.knec-registratio.ac.ke/kcpe if unable to, contact us through our CONTACTS page and we shall e-mail you an alternative link.

  • Admin (author) said:

    @Dishon, please check your inbox for an alternative link.

  • dishon said:

    Unable to download KCPE registration user manual from this page

  • MUSA YATOR said:


  • Admin (author) said:

    @ Musa, please find the user manual from the K.N.E.C website: http://www.knec-registration.ac.ke/kcpe/
    If you are unable to get it from here, please contact us and we shall send you by mail an alternative link to download the user manual.

  • charo said:

    unable to download the user manual together with the registration form

  • Admin (author) said:

    @Charoj, Please check your inbox for the alternative link to download the user-guide.

  • Japheth muli said:

    I am using MS OFFICE 2007 and am unable to create the export file to be uploaded on the KNEC website. Please advice

  • Admin (author) said:

    @Japheth ensure you followed these instructions as given on the KNEC user manual for KCPE online registration (page 13,14 & 15)
    ” EXPORT Button [ ] : produces a registration file that need to be uploaded through the KNEC website. This action should be done after candidates have confirmed that the registration details are true and valid.

    1. Click the Export button, the following screen is displayed.
    2. Click the ok.
    3. The file will be exported to Drice C of your computer
    4. Browse to drive c to confirm that the file has been created.

    NB: This is done by clicking the START button on the computer, then click MY COMPUTER icon which will show drive C as shown below, double click it to open. The file name should prefixed your center code followed by a dash(-) and the word KCPE-REG.

    Example: If your center code is 220022 your file will be: 220022-KCPE-REG.dll

    You can get the user manual here: http://www.knec-registration.ac.ke/kcpe

  • Mjuaji said:

    Unfortunately this dude has messed up the Access data source by entering and deleting records later on which doesn’t seem to work very well with the VBA interface of access (due to bad programming).

    I am sure if he clicks on next previous he is moved from a digit say index number 001 to index number 100 in some parts cause of the corruption of the data in the data source .. to fix this and be able to export requires intricate knowledge in VB/programming and Access database .. I solved that problem withing an instant by linking a new access DB to the data source then sorting the index number column from A-z then copied that data to a new blank KNEC-REGISTRATIONM.db file fresh from the internet .. now I can export and do other things.

    If you don’t know how to work the data source please don’t do this as you may have to start entering data from scratch …


    Have a nice day all … Hope I have helped you a bit Japheth Mulii :)

  • Japheth muli said:

    Thank Admin and Mjuaji. It worked but in another computer with windows xp. Have you tried that in a computer using Windows 7? The registration system, maybe is not working on windows 7. Try and inform me please.

  • Moses Wanambwa said:

    we are having a problem uploading…. help moseswanambwa@gmail.com

  • Mwangi Kiragu said:

    The school details edit function does not work in the KCSE module. Missing altogether in the KCPE module. system seems to be poorly designed!

  • Dickson Kingi said:

    have uploaded the export file but when I check the nominal roll only 6 entries appear, 22 entries don’t. kindly assist

  • mbajah Elizabeth said:

    unable to download the user manual for KCPE examination.please help

  • Admin (author) said:

    @Elizabeth, Please check your e mail account. We have just sent you an alternative link to download the user guide.

  • Admin (author) said:

    @Mjuaji and all, if you face any difficulty and are able to fix it, kindly help those who are stuck by desribing how you fixed your problem. You will be a blessing to someone. :)

  • dishon said:

    unable to upload the registration file. returns the message “please select file to upload” yet i have already selected the file.

  • david said:

    i’m having trouble exporting the file. when i click the export button, it doesnt respond. help

  • Admin (author) said:

    @all having problems exporting and or uploading: Apparently, if some of your candidates are missing their birth certificate numbers meaning you left that field blank, the systems seems to export up to the last student with a birth certificate number. If the first student does not have the number, it does not export anything.

    I hope KNEC will look into this because candidates without birth certificates in a center might make it impossible to register the rest of the candidates in that center with birth certificates.

    I tried by entering ’1′ in the Birth Certificate fields for all those without birth Certificates. This way the system was able to export all candidates, upload and show a nominal roll with all candidates.
    HOWEVER, this is NOT a solution from KNEC.

  • juma said:

    how can i edit centre details that has already been registered? pliz help

  • alfred said:

    i have a problem editing centre details. i registered a centre using another centres code. how can can i rectify this mess because the nominal roll shows a school name but the candidates belong to another school.

  • Admin (author) said:

    @Alfred, avoid using different names to post your comment. Please note that The Timpata does not in any way represent KNEC on the registration exercise.

    I assume this is your case. You registered center A and downloaded the application but entered students from center B instead. I also assume that you have the students details for both center A and B. If This is so, this is what I suggest:

    1. Register center B normally and get a user name and password. Download its application.
    Instead of entering the names afresh get the MS Access file for center A containing center B students. Make another copy of this MS Access file(Copy and paste) such that you will now have to copies, the original and a copy. Open the copied, go through all the students and change the the center code to that of center B and ensure their index numbers are correct. Export and ensure the .dll file is named with the correct center code in this case center B
    Go to KNEC website and log in as center B correctly. Select to upload registration file and select the file you exported above for center B

    This way Center B will have the correct center code and correct candidates.

    2. For Center A, you already got a user name and password.
    Ope the original MSAccess file with center A details but students from center B
    Starting with index 001, replace all the details of all the students from center B with those from center A. I.e replace details of index 001 of center B with those of Index 001 of center A.
    Do the same till you enter all details for candidates in center A. All students of center B who remain not replaced (which is possible if center B had more students than center A) delete their records from this file to ensure that this file remains with only Center A candidates details.
    EXport the file and ensure that it is e xported to drive C and named correctly with its correct center code.
    You will the go the KNEC website log in as center A and upload the new file for center A. This might overwrite what you had earlier and your problem will be fixed.

    I do not guarantee this will work since I in no way represent KNEC on this registration exercise. It is however worth trying.
    It is also important that if you are not able to rectify this, that you contact KNEC immediately before the deadline. They should then advice you accordingly.

  • alfred said:


  • Admin (author) said:

    You can, by entering 11 or 00 for candidates without birth certificate. Please confirm with your region’s education office on this issue.

  • john said:

    I kindly ask whether there is any way you can upload names without birth certificate numbers. Some people claiming to do it

  • Admin (author) said:

    @Alfred, I suggest you register center A afresh and Center B afresh with the correct details.

  • bradley said:

    kindly i have registered my school en i have forgot the password how can you help me to upload its details please..

  • mutava said:

    have tried using windows 7 but not going past the register stage, please help. i had already downloaded the registration form and filled them and when now have a problem registering to upload. send me the alternate user manual website.

  • Admin (author) said:

    @Bradely, you might need to register afresh to get another password. If unable to, kindly call KNEC for assistance.

    @Mutava, confirm that you have birth certificate numbers for all the candidates. If not, enter 11 for candidates without birth certificate registration numbers for you to be able to upload the file. However you need to consult your regional education officer with regards to those students without birth certificates and how you shall go about it. From a technical point of view, filling in ’11′ does the trick to allow the system to upload the file, but please lias with your regional officers on the way forward.
    Remember, The Timpata is NOT a representative or agent of KNEC.

  • laug said:

    i have done all kcpe regestration steps but when i try to see the nominal roll am told that their is a server problem pliz help

  • Admin (author) said:

    @Laug, please try reloading you browser or checking on it after a while.

  • douglas said:

    i have filled in all the information but it tells me the data cannot be decrypted the symetric key used to access thee encrypted data in a report database.it tells me to restore back up key or enable remote errors. what does this mean. the nominal can’t be retrieved succesfully.

  • doug said:

    help me `the norminol is a problem to reload .the comp says there a problem with the server.what is this decrypting the computer claims not to be able to do.

  • wexs said:

    when i try to get the nominal roll this is the msg i get The report server cannot decrypt the symmetric key that is used to access sensitive or encrypted data in a report server database. You must either restore a backup key or delete all encrypted content. (rsReportServerDisabled)
    For more information about this error navigate to the report server on the local server machine, or enable remote errors,what then should i do,pliz advice me on what to do to solve the íssue

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  • theodell said:

    its easy i used windows 7 to fill in the database. at first the export file couldn’t be created…looking at the manual its documented in xp so i have a pc with xp so i transferred the database there. note that the export file won’t be created if the birth certificate no is blank..therefore put 1 prefferebly then create it. then open the registration file created “102232-KCPE-REG.dll” using notepad and you’ll see all the names in the database arranged there…carefully remove all the “1′s” you put in the blank birth certificate no’s earlier an walaaa!! your’e done. save the file and upload it as the manual says.

    But on a serious note the person who made the system is an idiot wait thats an understatement…. he/she is a morron!! a kid in high skul can make a better system than that one.

  • dishon said:

    i cannot download the nominal after uploading the file. instead i get the following information.
    The report server cannot decrypt the symmetric key that is used to access sensitive or encrypted data in a report server database. You must either restore a backup key or delete all encrypted content. (rsReportServerDisabled)
    For more information about this error navigate to the report server on the local server machine, or enable remote errors
    please help.

  • theodell said:

    oh yeah one last thing….KNEC should get better servers kz its embarrassing…i mean with the money they make….better servers are not too much to ask for!!! Thats whats wrong with kenya…quality is not their first priority!! instead they lookin’ to make a quick back and compromise quality….fuckin retards!!!

  • theodell said:

    yo dishon an gettin the same error too. but you can confirm the students using the confirm registration button after the upload reigstration file button…you don’t require to log in. but the site is shitty kz sometimes it shows u and sometimes not…it their servers.

  • David said:

    Am unable to login into the knec website.Please assist on how i should go about it.

  • mercy said:

    when uploading the registered file its too slow and even that its not uploading. and how do u register kcpe student manually online.

  • Chris said:

    Been getting the whole damned error whole night yesterday and this morning. I think there is something wrong with the servers coz i was getting the nominal roll previously but not possible now-i have not made any changes to my computer that i know of.

  • doug said:

    guys,mean you cant help .cant load the nominal form.what is the error with Knec server.

  • kago said:

    a’ve been trying to print the nominal file but in vain pls help

  • RKID said:

    i cant seem to be able to download the application file since noon.i have an application file that i took from a friend have tried to export data but in-vain.how can i download it without error in downloading.is the site too congested or what i have been trying and trying until now?can one use one application that has downloaded for several schools and how?i im too tired please help me.

  • Admin (author) said:

    @RKID, Please read Theodell’s comment above on 16th March at 6:49 am. Could be you are unable to export the file due to missing birth certificate numbers.

    @Theodell, that was an important note to make. Kudos for finding time to come back and share on The Timpata. You just helped someone save precious time!

  • Admin (author) said:

    @All, from the comments above, it seems clearly that there is a problem printing the nominal roll. The Timpata will try to raise the concern with KNEC. Although we do not guarantee anything (since we are not in any way partners, agents or representatives of KNEC or part of their team), we hope to get a positive feedback.

  • Alex said:

    the KNEC website has been busy aor temporarily unavilable for the last 4 hrs from 01.00pm…help out coz i can’t download the database

  • Alex said:

    i need to be help upover this issue coz its like stressing me…

  • wexs said:

    the knec website is down it cannot be located, h6 they will people register

  • RKID said:

    kindly i have tried to register the school over night but i couldnt download the application there must be an error in the servers please send me the application through my email address.and can i use it to register more than 1 school (copy paste) of the file? thanks for attending to may queries.

  • HENA said:

    please send me my nominal roll through my email(603225) the knec website is not available.

  • jase academy said:

    where can i get the password and username

  • Admin (author) said:

    Hi all, finally I got the following direct contacts to KNEC for assistance regarding the online registration process.
    Please find these on the home page of The Timpata: http://www.thetimpata.com

  • oyuma said:

    Unable to access to register centre and children .Needs help

  • Makembu said:

    Try visiting the site during offpeak hours.. ie between midnight and 8am. I did it and it really saved me. I had gone through a lot of hell. This http://www.knec-registration.ac.ke is hell. Painfully SLOW.

  • Tim said:

    I have forgotten my password, what can I do?

  • mutava said:

    the whole process is real hell. for all those days am unable to upload the file due to cogestion.why can’t they accept an email?

  • theodell said:

    @Admin thnx mayne knec really has to document that system well kz the manual doesn’t cover a lot of stuff. like the issue about the creation of the registration file. an i bet the person who made the system doesn’t know about the glitch…probably saw the code somewhere online and copy pasted it. but at least its just a pilot process kz the usual system schools use to register students is still in place using their so called “computer sheets” in leighman terms and they r relying on that. what saddens me is the kids who haven’t brought the birth certificates yet. they’re givin a headache ryt kz even on off peek hrs the site slow and u can’t do a thing. i bet the schools with no access to computers are a havin a harder than we are…so we i can’t complain much.

  • Hellen kabiru said:

    please help! I have been trying to upload my center’s registration file only to get a response “sorry you can only upload kcpe details only” my file is saved in word 07 and in onebook formats. what is the format for correctly saving the file? for the pupils without birth certificates I was advised to put their index numbers.please help!!!!

  • HENRY said:


    I am unable to upload the file to register KCPE Candidates

    Please Assist

  • Admin (author) said:

    @Hellen, I sent you a reply in your email. You cannot upload the file in MS Word format. Ensure you export the file from the application you downloaded from the KNEC website. This file will be exported in your drive C: as a .dll format.

    Kindly ensure you follow the KNEC user guide. It is available here: http://www.thetimpata.com/downloads

  • David Nyaoso said:

    The KCPE Access Application is more than 34mb! Except for the Table containing school choices (4867 schools) the rest is ‘gas’. If any one has a copy of this file (KCPE-REGISTRATION.mdb) you can reduce the file size substancially-to less than 900KB! They should have ‘compacted it before puting it online’.

    Assuming you are using Windows XP, naviagte to the folder where your file is located. PRESS AND HOLD DOWN THE SHIFT BUTTON AND DOUBLE CLICK ON THE FILE TO OPEN IT IN ACCESS. IF MACROS NEED TO BE ENABLED HOLD DOWN THE SHIFT KEY AND ENABLE THEM. WHILE STILL HOLDING THE SHIFT BUTTON DOWN, NAVIGATE TO THE DATABASE TOOLS MENU AND CLICK ON ‘Compact and Repair’. Close Access and exit to Windows Explorer. Your file will now be less than 900K. You can email this to your friends or better still if you can, publish it online so that others can download the ‘small’ file! Please dont ask me why knec didnt do this in the first place.

    Someone commented that the ‘IT Professionals!’ at knec are ‘idiots’. I disagree very stongly. While compacting the database, check the structure of the tables. The ‘center and Gender’ Fields in the School Choices table are typed as ‘Memo’. Anyone who allocates more than 1 byte to store a byte is surely not an idoit. Can you imagine a table with no primary key? The ‘database designer’ must be an idiot… I agree now DO YOU?

  • hellen kabiru said:

    my registration file refuses to export. how do i go about it?

  • David Nyaoso said:


    In the absence of proper validation of data by the kcpe application, trying the following procedures can assist u.

    Validating Index Nos:
    1 all index nos between 1 and 9 are entered as 001 – 009
    2 all index nos between 10 and 99 are entered as 010 – 099
    3 all index nos above 99 are entered as 100 – 999

    Validating Names:
    1 Names are limited to a miximum 25 characters
    2 Names with special characters eg NG’ANG’A (enter as NGANGA)
    3 NO Blank names or names with spaces only.
    4 Make sure that the first name does’nt start with a space!

    1 Birth Cert no a maximum of 10 characters with no spaces,slashes
    2 FOR those with no certificate just enter the Index No (3 digits)

    1 Birth year should be entered as a 4 digit number between 1900-2011 (take note! just be realistic with your guess)
    2 If you dont know the year of birth use your birthday!

    3 Note that some District Schools dont appear in the selection list. In such cases JUST CHOOSE ANY AVAIALABLE ‘DISTRICT’ SCHOOL

    Before attempting to export please click on the ‘Report’ button and view your entries on the screen. Verify that under each column there is no BLANK ENTRY(spaces that fill the width of the column). If you notice any blanks, note the index nos and close the print preview window. Go Back and use the navigation buttons to locate the record(s) and make appropriate changes and Preview the Report again.

    Now click on the export button. If a dialog box pops up to inform you that your Registration File has been exported successfully to drive C: as ….. then go on and upload the file.

    if things dont work out call me on 020 808 7186.(LIMITED HELP IF I AM NOT BUSY COUNTING MY MONEY!)

    meanwhile join me to press for the firing of the entire set of ‘IT People’ at knec. Beleive me, this exercise will NOT WORK AS IS. Imagine all the workarounds you have to go through, and worse still the online service is even worse! Try selecting a National School online, you have a choice of 4800+. Now go to the district selection combo box, alas, you will find Alliance, Mangu etc ( see what i mean)!

    Good day, am waiting for 5pm! Guess why?


  • nicks said:

    those who are using windows vista boot the computer in safe mode and you will be able to export

  • RASJVNESTA said:


  • cal said:

    just 4got the password to my school, how can i access my school details. i try to register afresh n am told the school is already registered, what to do?

  • Kiseve said:

    The digits 11 have worked with my database, and i have created the file to be uploaded successfully. Thanks guyz.

  • Kiseve said:

    I cannot upload the file, the computer responds “Your login attempt was not successful. Please try again.” Any assistance on this?

  • Kiseve said:

    I think i must have messed up during centre registration, i registered under secondary instead of primary. I am able to login for KCSE registration and not for KCPE. How can i deregister for KCSE and register again under KCPE?

  • Eddie Ombagi said:

    I downloaded the application and filled the it well. Then i clicked on the REPORT button and checked that all was well. When i clicked the EXPORT button, nothing happens. It is as if it does not work.
    Please help.


  • David Nyaoso said:


    I have received a ton of requests for assistance after my previous posts. Please note that I AM NOT part of KNEC and that my services are free. However it is important that you follow the most basic of instructions before calling me. Most callers can not create the export file because some fields have a leading space(s) before the Name /Birth Certificate/Birth Year fields.

    Please DELETE ALL BLANK SPACES from the beginning of this fields and try the export procedure. Dont manually enter any School Choice.

    For those with Access experience create an update query that looks like this

    UPDATE Registration SET Registration.Name = Trim([Registration].[Name]), Registration.BirthNo = Trim([Registration].[BirthNo]), Registration.YOB = Trim([Registration].[YOB]);


  • nicks said:

    To edit just reupload the corrected registration file it will uverwrite the existing.
    those using windows vista and windows seven try booting the comp insave mode and then export

  • maina said:

    does late registration have deadline

  • moses said:

    hi i would like to know how to check whether my kid is registered for kcpe 2011 online ,instructions plz

  • Admin (author) said:

    @Moses, Unfortunately KNEC has blocked this feature. We still wonder why!

  • Abdinoor said:

    Unable to access school password even after sending sms of county code-school code to 5052. feedback says school code not found.help!

  • treadstone81 said:

    Hi Guys,
    The norminal roll only displays 3 names out of a expected 134 names. Where did I go wrong?

  • Daniel said:

    Unable to get password even after sending sms to 5052.what do i do?

  • mogaka mathew said:

    i am unable to register a school for KCPE. i am using windows xp, office 2003 please assist me.

  • faith said:

    am unable to upload my files. what do i do?

  • Kefentse said:

    Help, already sent centre number to 6062 but the password they gave does not work. I have checked and double checked everything including CAPS lock. All I get is “your login attempt was unsuccessful. Please try again.”

  • ROBERT said:

    i am registering students using WINDOWS7. how do i export the data?

  • Mwakarera said:

    Hi….I am having a problem with my centre password. I have already completed all the steps ie. Uploading, nominal roll, invoice, center details etc. My problem is that I forgot the New Password…what happened is that when Change the password given via sms (6062) at first the system didnt work, so i kept on trying different password combination..somehow it worked but didn’t dhow the message that Password was Changed Successfully…so now i cant access….please advice.

  • Admin (author) said:

    @Mwakarera: You could try requesting for the password afresh. If that does not work, please contact KNEC directly on: 0737 045 927

  • ken said:

    I wanted to confirm my school nominal roll but I dont the login tab from the knec website or is there another way to access the same

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