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New M-PESA Rates !

18 December 2010 7 Comments
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Safaricom has adjusted its M-PESA tariff. It is now possible to send and withdraw as low as Ksh. 50 from an M-PESA Agent! The new tariffs are as follows for withdrawals from the ATM and M-PESA shops (rates  below apply to registered M-PESA customers) :

Amount Range ATM withdrawal charges – Ksh. M-PESA Agent withdrawal Ksh.
50-100 (not applicable for ATM) NA 15
101-1000(not applicable for ATM) NA 25

(200-2500 ATM)

30 25
2,501 – 5,000 60 45
5,001 – 10,000 100 75
10,001 – 20,000 175 145
20,001 – 35,000 N/A 170
35,001 – 50,000 N/A 250
50,001 – 70000 N/A 300

The new charges for sending money to registered M-PESA user are:

Amount Range – Ksh. Sending Charges (to a registered M-PESA Customer) Ksh.
50 – 100 10
101 – 35,000 30
35,001 – 50,000 50
50,001 – 70,000 60

Here is how you can withdraw money from your M-PESA account at any ATM countrywide belonging to Equity Bank, Diamond Trust Bank  or Pesapoint.:

ATM withdrawal service is available to M-PESA registered customers.

To withdraw cash you will need to follow these instructions:

First on your phone:

  • Select ‘ATM Withdrawal’ from the M-PESA menu
  • Enter PesaPoint’s Agent Code (555 555) or Equity Bank Code (286286) or Diamond Trust Code (555 555)
  • Enter your M-PESA PIN
  • You will receive an SMS notification from M-PESA with a 6-digit authorization code. (The code expires after 2 hours and you will be expected to initiate the transaction afresh if you need to withdraw money again.)

Then on the ATM:

  • Select the M-PESA button on the PesaPoint, Equity Bank or Diamond Trust Bank ATM
  • Select your preferred language
  • Enter the 6-digit ATM Authorization Code on the ATM keyboard.
  • Enter your Safaricom mobile number.
  • Enter the amount you wish to withdraw, press CONTINUE to proceed with transaction.
  • ATM will dispense your cash and issue you with a receipt. You will also receive an SMS from M-PESA confirming the transaction and that is it!

It’s that simple!

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  • Janet

    Is there a way I can transfer money from my MPESA account to Equity Bank?

  • Janet

    Thank you Admin! :-) You were very helpful!

  • http://www.peoplefirsttourism.com Duarte

    Is there a way a western customer can pay a M-PESA user online using their VISA card? The customer would make payment through a website with a secure transaction, and the M-PESA user would receive the payment in their cell account?


    • Admin

      @ Duarte, That service is available for corporate clients. However it works by the corporate depositing some money with the M-PESA system first. After that, they can conduct bulk payments online and the money goes directly to individual people’s accounts. However I think your idea is yet to be tested, It could be a great idea for international users.


    Those MPESA rates are too high; they beat withdrawal across the counter

    • Admin

      @Veronica, They are charging you a premium for the convenience …#being the devil’s advocate :)